Help. Guy at school with many gay friends doesnt think im gay.

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Help. this guy at my school has alot of gay friends. He knows some that are REALLY gay. Im gay, but I tend to have straight mannerisms for the most part. I dont have a boyfriend, so he thinks that I might be using "gay" to get attention, and that I'm not really gay. Any advice? Its somewhat an embarassment when people think you are not gay because you dont live up to the stereotypes they know.


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Don't give it to the sterotyp

Don't give it to the sterotypes to make people think you are a certain way. If you know that you are gay, and he doesn't believe you because you having straight mannerisms, that is stupid. I can't tell if you are friends with this guy, but if you are, you could tell him that your sexuality isn't defined by the way you act. If you aren't friends with him, don't worry about it. Be you, and find people who appreciate you for being you.


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Thanks. but lets say that I D

Thanks. but lets say that I DID want him to see that I am gay, what could i do to drive that point across without breaking any school rules?

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Just be a little careful. He might be saying that as a way to 'make you prove it'... with him ;-)

Don't do anything stupid. If he asks you to kiss someone or something a long those lines, only do it if you're 100% okay with it. Don't let him manipulate you.

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take him to the bathroom

Kiss him there and feel him up if thats what you want
otherwise who cares if he doesn't believe you
What it sounds like is you have a crush on him and
what to bed him. If thats the case go for it after
school. Otherwise let it go. It ain't worth the
Old fox bob

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by the time you had mad this

by the time you had mad this post, it was old news.
and i think hes ugly. i would never feel him up. :P

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Well, you could stand up for

Well, you could stand up for gay rights and acceptance, write a paper on it, or write a letter to your school newspaper. You could wear gay pride buttons or jewlery. You could flirt with guys (or him).
I don't know what else to tell you. Maybe other people will have other suggestions.


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I've had that problem too, an

I've had that problem too, and it can get really annoying, especially because i talk about gay issues a lot but sometimes people just don't get it.... My suggestion is to talk to him and let him know that it bothers you that he thinks you would use something as serious as being gay to get attention and that you think his assumption that all gay people should have certain common characteristics so as to identify themselves (obviously other than the obvious) is somewhat presumptuous and that you shouldn't have to wrap yourself in a pride flag and paint a rainbow on your face to show pride.

One of my friends actually admitted that he didn't know whether or not I was gay yesterday...even though I told him. Which of course led to him teasing me mercilessly.

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Good advice. Wrapping mys

Good advice.

Wrapping myself in a pride flag and rainbow painting my face actually sounds fun! :-)

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grab his crotch lol When

grab his crotch lol

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who cares what he thinks

who cares if he believes your gay or not. if he doesn't believe you then f**k em.

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Tell him he lives with stereo

Tell him he lives with stereotypes too much and he can f*** himself 'cause you're gay.

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From what your posting says, it doesn't look like you've really just sat down and had a conversation with this guy (not necessarily about the gay thing, but about anything). So why don't you? Just get to know him, he'll learn to trust you, and finally accept that you're gay. And, if you're looking to get with him, it'll only help.


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Actually, he is 100% straight

Actually, he is 100% straight. He just has gay friends. one of his ex girlfriends is bi!
he doesnt have a problem with it, but neither does he believe me.

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help hun is here

People are going think is or isn't it can't be help. so just smile and think happy thought who know's that boyfriend could show at any time

love william
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Fuck something.

What is he like head of the gay mafia in your school?

Anyway, who the fuck would pretend to be gay to get attention? It's usually not the kind of attention someone would want.

Get caught fucking (or sucking) some guy in the little boys room. That'll teach'em!

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