Help. Guy at school with many gay friends doesnt think im gay.

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Help. this guy at my school has alot of gay friends. He knows some that are REALLY gay. Im gay, but I tend to have straight mannerisms for the most part. I dont have a boyfriend, so he thinks that I might be using "gay" to get attention, and that I'm not really gay. Any advice? Its somewhat an embarassment when people think you are not gay because you dont live up to the stereotypes they know.


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haha. I dunno. Things like th

haha. I dunno. Things like that happen to everyone. Or at least to me, and I'm about as femmy as you get. Lol. all you can do is tell him that you are and after that, I dunno. Maybe once you get a boyfriend or whatever they'll believe you. Just don't go out of your way to prove to them that you are. I dunno.

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Feel him up. It always works

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I second that.


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not really....

i do that to my friend all the time & she still thinks i'm not really bisexual till she sees a p0rn of me &....well u get it...
argh...i'm not gonna let her watch....gross...
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ask him if he likes to be ref

ask him if he likes to be referred to as his stereotype, use another minority as an example. Ie: ask him if all people from the middle east are terrorists, theyre not but that is the stereotype that was attached to them.

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Sleep with him.

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That was my first thought, bu

That was my first thought, but I wasn't sure if I could say that.


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Yeah, I think you should slee

Yeah, I think you should sleep with him:P
Nah not really . . . maybe just (pretending ofcourse) start flirting with him or someone he knows. And that might shut him up!

Good Luck Mate :)


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