Hey, i'm new.

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Hi! my name is nic and i'm a newbie. i'm a gay nearly 16yr old guy
in australia. i haven't come out to anyone yet, and i'm not really planning
to - i need to sort things out for myself first. imight tell you more
about me:

brown hair
blue eyes
not overweight, but not skinny
play alto sax and clarinet
LOVE music and drama (no surprise ther though)

please love me xoxo nic


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Haha, hey nic. *hugs*

Haha, hey nic. *hugs*

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Welcome to Oasis :) All Au

Welcome to Oasis :)

All Australian people are hot, I'm sure you'll have no problems in finding people to like you!

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thanks, it's nice to get a compliment! do you love scissor sisters too? i love jake and ana, they are my sex goddesses!!!

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hi, im new too, erm just thought i'd say hi, also i think i feel the same way about never coming out till ive come out to myself, anyway thts all i wanted to say. Btw im female, lol xx

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lol Hé man. Welcome to Oasis

lol Hé man. Welcome to Oasis. I love it here. I think you'll like it here, too. Haha. And you're Austrailian, eh? Hot, man.

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greetings... ^^

Welcome to Oasis =o)

I'm sure you'll be able to sort things out here.. Good luck...

- Dim

Oh, and about the male affection...: it will come when you least expect it.. trust me....

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aw, i love you nic. but i'm a

aw, i love you nic. but i'm a girl, sorry :D

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Nice to see you

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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hey nic, adams the name. i'm from australia too, i'm 19 though, so u'r a bit young for me i'm afraid but i'm in a similar situation as you, except that i'm about to come out.