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Yeah, I finally finished my english assignment. I did kind of rush it and it lacked certain touchups in some bits but I could care less. I can finally move on to my other work now. (i.e. Debate preparation, maths tutoring and science exam revision {apparently they're all happening or due on Thursday} and some minor homework) This week is going to be hella busy.

Oh, I caught a cold or something. I'm starting to have a blocked nose and it's really annoying since I can't talk for long or I'd run out of breath cause I have to breath with my mouth. When I speak, my voice also goes a bit wierd. Urgh, this isn't good for our debate against another school on Thursday.

As for the request from raining men to show my pics here, I'll probably upload it offsite somewhere and link it here. I'll do that some other time. I'm tired and really need to get some sleep cause I already slept real late yesterday (technically it would've been very early today)

On another note, there's this guy on this other site that I've come out to (not glbt-themed) who's been talking to me. He keeps treating me "different" or "special" in a way. He exaggerates his speech to show that he's totally anti-homophobic and being a considerate individual. He seems to revolve our every conversation around that now. It's quite annoying, because I just want to fit in and be the same as everyone else. It seems like he's trying to prove something. (I duno if this whole thing made sense).

Urgh, another thing (which pisses me off) is that people keep asking to send them my work (we do our work on computers) so they don't have to do it. Apparently they're just plain lazy. Blair asked for my science today, Chris asked for sos, and everyday I always get someone asking me. If I'm in a good mood or if I feel like helping I'd send them the work (Or at least if they tried). Like Blake, at least he'd ask me how to do the work, he'd try it himself, send it to me for me to check it and I'll explain to him what's not quite right. Then I'd be happy to send him the lesson if he wants to compare with his own and figure out what to fix (or sometimes pick out what I need to fix). However, all the other people who simply just ask for my work is not having respect for me. I don't fricking work until 1am or 2am sometimes to complete my work so their lazy asses can take credit for it. Heck, those people suck.

And um, I'm trialing for school soccer team when tryouts begin. Mostly because I asked Dennis and Blake and they said they're both joining it. I would also like to try something that I haven't really committed myself to before.


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I know the feeling of giving people you're work. I just sent off all my drama essays to two people. It's annoying but i don't want to screw their AS levels over

Which reminds me. I get the first set of AS results tomorrow!!! AAAAAAAAAH! I'm going to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!!!

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Hah, Josh just asked for my m

Hah, Josh just asked for my maths. I wonder how long this'll go on for.

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Actually my results were seriously kick-ass

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"