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I had an interesting encounter with my econ teacher in front of the entire class when i went up to him so he could check my notebook and make sure i had been doing the assignments.

I was wear my YEAH club shirt because it was clean and in my room and i just put it on even though i really should have worn it wednesday.

Sadly, he tried to read my shirt while checking my notebook and i had part of the words covered by my coat and i had no idea what he was trying to tell me and it sounded like he was saying "Euthenasia" and i couldn't figure out why that would be written in my econ notebook and then i was all "Oh! Youth educating against homophobia!" he then began to ask me about homphobia and whether or not people actually fear homosexuals and i tried to make light of it with my sarcasm and mockery of how yes people cower in corners in fear and he...well it was rather unpleasant as he didn't want to hear my answers or find out that i'm gay and that maybe that was why the club is important to me...and then when he realized, much later that he had dug himself into the pit guarded by the evil lesbian who cuts off people's legs he changed the conversation to watches and how his wrist is too big for many of the bands (I may have helped him with that when i mentioned how students say things are gay, and how in my chem class someone said that about their watch because it wasn't working properly)....

It was all very strange.


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That is very strange! Wierd

That is very strange! Wierd teacher! O well, i think its almost funny!

It never matters what strangers think. You'll never see them again.
So you might as well act like a total flamer to all!!!!

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Apparently he had been imbibi

Apparently he had been imbibing quite a bit of cold medicine, and he's also just an odd teacher.... He rather likes me as a student because i'm quiet and mostly do my work, but i think that aspect of me kind of creeped him out.

It was actually hilarious once i got home and after i had to deal with my chem class.

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