Hmm nothing much

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Well, today was very busy for me. It's almost 2am now. However, I got most of English assignment done. I felt I've been very productive so today hasn't gone to waste. =]

Oh yay! Debating meeting tomorrow. More time with Dennis :)

Hmm, today we had a reliever for PE. He didn't care what we did really. We were supposed to play a modified version of dodgeball but it ended up into a crazy thing which we just chuck balls at anyone. It was an insanely fun period lol. Hm, I realised Dennis is pretty gud at soccer (I'm guessing). He can like keep the ball off the ground without the use of his arms/hands for so long. Hmm, I always fall for athletic and smart guys with a secsi voice. xD

Oh, apparently on this other site I posted my picture. Comments have been rather pleasant and I'm happy. Lalala xD

Oh gawd, I duno if I'll wake up in time for my bus 2moro. This is it for today. See ya all!


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Come on

Come on then. Show us your picture here as well

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"