How Did I Get Myself into This Position...

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Ok so i am sorry but this is a long entry but i don't expect you to read it all so i will just make a cut-off line or splitter whatever to show what i want you to comment on.

Well my school is rather alternative with classes work the way they do things. Well there is this new girl there she is gay she is very open about it well now i am caught between giving her notes to this girl who rides my bus and i am sorta friends with. Apparently she like Lily as more than a friend right now. I know Lily and she told me she's bi like me. Well i heard from Laren when she was speaking to someone else that Lily just want's to be friends. My only thing is if i should keep doing the whole passing notes from one another being the inbetween person. I don't wanna know what's going on or anything but i don't want to one day give her a note or Lily a note and then one of them blows up at me without me really even knowing what's going on.
I mean i'm all up for helping out someone but hello not if it makes me hated on. I want to get to know this new girl Lauren not as anything like that but i could use more friends and i am fine even if she doesn't want to be friends. Well all i am saying is that it is a sticky position to be in. Like a landmine one wrong move and you blow-up. So i am just gonna be cool about it. I talked to my therapist also since she is the girl Lauren's therapist also. She said it was fine she knows what the letters about i made sure just to say all i wanted to know was nothing about anything. Only if i was getting into something i shouldn't bby passing these letters back and forth.

Well also good news since i am in a afternoon program with my school my other therapist went on maternity leave. Well we found out she won't be returning for the rest of the year. But also good news because the therapist we me and Lauren have now is a nice woman named Tara. Well she works in the daytime and was staying 2 days a week. Which when you have so many people wanting to talk to one woman about there problems. and only 4 hours in which to talk about them with that woman problems. So now she will be staying everyday after next week. She has a little girl which she is cute but i know she didn't initially want to stay afterschool like that cause she wanted to be with her daughter. Well i over heard i always overhear things because basically i am quiet and people trust me and basically the only people i tell are you guys and ladys. Well i overheard her talking to my teacher about how she talked it over with her husband he works at my school also as a assistant teacher. He's going to bring their daughter there certain days so she can be with her. Which is nice so that she won't regret volunteering for stepping in while Steph my first therapist was out.