HR Directors keep out! And other little updates

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I am becoming a little publically gay. I got really drunk round someone's house, and good lord, I don't remember a thing. Reports on Monday morning were not good though. Apparently I lap danced someone. A guy. Argh! I had 3 bottles of wine mind you. On the other hand I managed to walk home all by myself which I thought was a rather impressive feat. Some friends watched me walk down the street, and I was described as "Bambi learning to walk". Perhaps this subconcious gay acting is going to get more and more out of hand to the point where I can no longer deny it? Maybe the time of coming out is coming? Who knows. I certainly don't feel like it when I'm sober. Anyway..

I could have punched some bitch at work today. We have people washing cars in the car park outside the store, and the snooty cow asked if we were employing illegal immigrants. She based this on the fact that they couldn't speak much English and, apparently, were "aggressive". She said they "sounded Turkish" and this country had a particular problem with Turkey and immigrants. She then proceeded to give me some lecture about how if a company as large as ours employed illegal immigrants we would be sued. And then the icing on the cake, she said "I am an HR director for a very large company". I had to physically restrain myself from laughing. As if that's relevant anyway, but on top of that, I couldn't give a fuck if she were Condoleeza Rice. Finally, she informed me she was going to a police station after her shop so she felt it was fair of her to warn me of that before doing so. I should have warned her that she is one of the most vacuous people in the world, along with all other "Human Resources" directors. Hopefully next time she fires someone they'll shoot her in the head.

On a lighter note, my new tune of the year is 'Put Your Records On' by Corinne Bailey Rae. Such a cool tune. It's a great relaxing summery-themed tune which, coupled with a cup of tea, helps calm me down after dealing with racist fuckwits during the day :-) I also downloaded 'Like A Star' which is really good too. Definitely recommend - they're available on iTunes. Took me a couple of listens to really get into these songs though.

I've tried to quit the guy I love loads. Got drunk at one point and came incredibly close to loading up AIM when I knew he would be on and messaging him. Stopped myself though! Have now quit him for about 2 weeks. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but I still have a sneaky suspicion bastard emotions will get a hold of me again. Shall stand and fight!

Not much else to comment on. World affairs are very bland as usual, full of the usual shit that I've lost the will to form an opinion on.



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I loved that idiot who came in complaining about illegal immigrants. of course if you have a Turkish accent you are clearly an illegal immigrant. Duh.

World affairs? Well yours, mine and Kang Ling's children are all going to get a shite education

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Trust me, although it may see

Trust me, although it may seem like a bad idea, it may be a good thing that you are slowly but surely coming out. Trust me--Life is better when you're out. (Not to mention healthier.) lol.

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haha i know exctly the type y

haha i know exctly the type you mean (as in the HR person).
as for the slowly but surely, snap! and also good luck :)

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Haha it's always fun to get d

Haha it's always fun to get drunk and give random guys lap dances :) Sounds like you are about to come out to me...

PS. I love your avator. One word: SEXY!

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