I am Thinking of Telling My Mother? Advice Please.

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Well i am thinking that maybe I should come out to my mother. Really there is nothing stopping me and really nothing that could go wrong if she is the person I think she is. I am going to talk to my therapist Monday about it I just realized that I should do this the only thing holding me back is me. I have the support of many people at my alternative school which is big on emotional helping. I am not coming out just to date someone but maybe by doing this I can finally have some piece of freedom in my soul. So i just wanted to know i know some of you have given advice on other things but i wanted to ask what i should do on certain issues. Like i wondered if it would be ok not to give a definite label to her since i am realizing i don't have really any attraction to men. Also if it's ok to tell her but ask that anything she has to ask me be written or if she has to ask me then i would rather do it with my therapist like a meeting with my mother there. Also if she is ok with it then i was windering is it to fast to want to get involved with going to events or places for gay teens.

So that is my realization during my ride home. Good news i realized some things while talking to my therapist today. That i have never felt a home with my family or any place i have lived. I have however felt a home at my school that i started going to in 9th grade the one i am currently attending. So just wanted to share that i am coming to many realizations in my life now and hopefully they will all turn out ok. Hopefully by talking to Lisa one of the teachers that knows and has helped me alot Ann another teacher also knows and my therapist i can find a good way to come out. Also i would appreciate your advice greatly. Since the people i am trying to get help from are straight also never have felt any want or attraction to the same sex. Please give me advice also thanks to anyone who does. Love Appreciately Alexis.


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Good Luck

Your therepist will be your best friend. I know mine is.
Anyways, I didn't have the luxury of coming out when I wanted (long story I may post some day), but I handled it the best I could. My mom is very conservative, but she has been known to let her compassion outweigh her usually strict adhearance to Catholic morality. She even had a gay friend in high school. Anyways, she was calm and levelheaded the whole time (Dad was a bit of another story, but I forgive him. He grew up on a farm, for Bog's sake!), and we were able to outline some things. Overall, it's a bit of a pain that my mom knows (basically because I wanted to wait for college and didn't get to), but I'm glad for some reason that she does. Good luck! I hope you have as good an experience as I did.