If someone asked u to label urself, ur answer would be:

7% (6 votes)
4% (4 votes)
24% (22 votes)
I hate labels!!!! >:-P
65% (60 votes)
Total votes: 92


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This will be an intresting poll, as I predict the majority of people will insist they hate labels but, at the same time, be incongruous with the constant and ongoing labeling that people constantly put themselves through here (am I gay? Is it bi? I think gay, but if I say that and someday I meet some girl who, blahblahblah, which I find to be a huge desire TO label). If people truly hated to label, it's easy. Don't do it.


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cool icon

^"This will be an intresting poll" Thank you. i will take that as a compliment. lovin' the icon, btw jeff ;-)

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today i think that..

i like labels. they make life easier. even the exceptions to the labels ("if someday i meet a girl...") are labels in themselves, in the sense that they are definiton which lots of people identify with, apply to themselves and recognise, they're just a lot more longwinded than gay/straight/bi. i can only speak for myslef but being truly label-free would be scary, i'd feel a bit lost. instead its more accurate to be a combination of labels, though then of course people say label free just to save time. Plus its easier to label yourself than have other people label you. As long as they don't become restrictive, or encourage stereoyping or animosity between groups.

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If someone asked me to label

If someone asked me to label myself I would simply answer, "I am me" I don't need to be characterized into some group to make someone else happy. I am who I am and that is all that matters in my opinion.
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My answer...

"I don't live in America" ;-)

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are there only three types of

are there only three types of people?
- ginger (who is rather bohemian)

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There should be an "other" op

There should be an "other" option. I dont fit into any because I am somewhat of a loner.

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i hate labels, but other peop

i hate labels, but other people like to call me, "dyke, bitch, feminazi, cunt, witch, individual (in mocking tone), goth (don't know where that comes from),art nerd, freak, graffiti bum, deliquent..." and then there are probably some i'm not mentioning...

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Some labels I don't like, but

Some labels I don't like, but labels exist, and i admit to using them.
And I KNOW I'm a nerd. Problem is, I don't have any nerd friends. or much of any friends. sucks. nah... i'm an art freak, tried and true.

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I people label me as a jock/prep/ nerd/ and a lot more. I hate labels, but due to the fact I play one sport at my school, I automatcially get the title of jock. You can play tennis or golf and still be a jock at my school, you just have to play a sport which I find odd lol. But I am called prep since I were clothes from Abercrombie, Hollister, and stuff like that. I am called a nerd since I am good in school and am in honor classes. But I hate labels since they are so inconsistent.

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Eh... label-less?

I have friends from all over the label-verse, so I don't know which I would fall under. I don't think it's up there though. Where's the aspiring rockstar category? =P

Just joking.

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Gay actor

Gay leftie actor dude. But I use to be a Star Wars nerd

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You forgot the "other-explain

You forgot the "other-explain" option so I didn't vote but i'd have to say "loner/art geek"

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how about you put more option

how about you put more options....?

i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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