If you found me, I would...

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I found this on some random website and thought it was really sweet

If you found me I would..

~Tell you I love you every moment I see you

~Always remember your full name, original hair color, eye color, siblings' names, mom & dad's names, pets' names, favorite color, movie, food, and anything else you can come up with...

~Give hugs and kisses morning, noon, night and anytime in between

~Hold you close when your heart's in pieces

~Make sure you walk on the inside of the sidewalk so you won't get hit

~Hold you close and listen to you breathe

~Give you my coat/jacket/hoodie if you're cold

~Stand beside your locker just to talk to you

~Make sure you get the biggest and best piece of everything

~Put your feelings before mine

~Remember that you don't always mean the things you say when you're mad

~Listen to you for hours just to hear what you have to say

~Take your calls at any time, day or night

~Try to make you laugh when you're sad

~Tell you you're amazing, you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen

~Tell you stupid jokes so you'll laugh

~Tickle you until you begged uncle, then smother you in kisses

~Hold your hand close to my heart

~Be polite to your family and love on your brothers and sisters

~Almost always let you win (but not sometimes so you wouldn't catch on)

~Always notice a new haricut, new shirt, new shoes, new anything

~Write silly little love notes and slip them into your locker

~Save my extra-special, no-else-gets-it smile just for you

~Tell everyone you're my extra special girl

~Always hug you just the way you like it

~Let you fall asleep in my lap


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aww that is really sweet it s

aww that is really sweet it sums up all that i am feeling for my girlfriend, she is my life.

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ahh man, your making me so sa

ahh man, your making me so sad!