I'm a nerd

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Oh yes, I have unofficially become one of the nerdiest guys in the year. =]

Today at my (already) extension maths class, our teacher was calling out everyone's Level 1 achievement results. The teacher said that she would've given me a E+++++++++ if she could (E as in Excellence). Man, I was getting a lil bit nervous with the attention and staring of people when she said that. But it ain't that bad I guess... Ryan started clapping and everyone joined in, which soothed the atmosphere by a lot. She also said she's going to use this as a model answer for other classes doing Level 1 achievement.

Hmm, just having to come across Ryan... I think he's starting to seem like a really nice guy to me. Last year I didn't think much of him... and the fact that he's really good at sports and I sometimes sucked and let him down if I'm on his team perhaps annoyed him. But this year he's being inclusive of me, kinda talking to me more you know (altho that's still not an awful lot)... I know it may sound quite pathetic but it's very nice of him. This is cause last year I seemed like the super nerdy guy to him which probably ticked him off a lot. I remember at PE last time when we were playing indoor cricket (the first time I actually got the rules), he especially bowled slow ones for me xD so I could hit it. Saves me the embarassment of missing it everytime lol.

So yeah... I duno what the point of this entry is. I just thought I might write how I feel bout Ryan down. Oh, I think he's rather cute. :)

Hmm, oh.. I was talking to Teagan today. She's starting to treat me like a girl now lol. I don't really mind I guess... since in the end it's not that awkward... but instead I can talk about which guy's hot and stuff with her. I'm glad I kan talk to someone bout that and not get people creeped out :)

Oh, and I showed Steph and Teagan my story. They both liked it a lot. (The one with this boy kissing his coma-stricken friend). I told Steph that I haven't shown many people the story because "it's soooooooooo gay" but then she went "Nah it's not gay it's cool". I mean, how can a boy kiss another guy and also making love on the grass not be gay? lol

Yeah.. that's bout it. Mufti day soon! IM GONA CROSSDRESS! OMGMGMGMG.. nah i'm just kidding xD. Steph actually wanted to choose what I wear when I joked about how I should dress in drag. Man, I shouldn't go too far... otherwise they'd think I'm a trans. xD


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dude, ur not a nerd...lol

@ least ur friend is trying to hang out w/ and or talk to you more often. Just a question, i may have misunderstood, but , do you like him? I might've misread your post...At least you have someone to talk to about your crushes and stuff like that, even though to me it seems a little steretypical... lol. Well, at least ur doin well in school. I'm not. You should definently go to that event in drag...It would make people laugh and probably get you positive attention instead of bad, derogatory attention. I think it would be funny... Well, either way have fun w/ it. Later.

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I did

I did cross dress on a mufti day once. I got sent home to change after 10 minutes. Miserable bastard of a headmaster

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