I'm scared again

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*cowers in swively computer chair* im scared for my friendship w/ my ex-"emo-goth" BFF. i IMed her and she totally snubbed me by saying she was busy on the phone w/ her supposed new bf (she's straight *gag*) so i asked her y she didnt have an away message up if she didnt want people talking to her while she was on the phone, and she said cuz she loves him (she's also very dense sometimes, which i mean in the lovingest of ways. n e way, im scared, for both her and me. i hope shes doing okay. we've been best friends for five years, which, because ive moved so many times, is the longest ive ever had a best friend. help. sentences getting shorter. not making sense. *strikes dramatic pose w/ back of hand to forehead* help!


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Don't worry.

It's not you- she's probably just excited about her new b/f. You can't expect her to talk on the phone with him and IM you at the same time.

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