Jake Shears *drool*

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I have over £50 left in my bank account, and nothing to spend it on. Plus I get paid on Friday. I like my funds being like this!

However, I'm a useless saver. By useless I mean I don't save a penny. If I have money left over then I will just buy something that I don't even want that much. iTunes music store is usually the lucky recipient of my hard earned cash! I just bought 5 music videos. Two of them were newly added Scissor Sisters ones (Laura + Take Your Mama). I didn't really know what the Scissor Sisters looked like because the last time I looked at their Wikipedia article it didn't have a picture. What a nice surprise I got!

Has anyone else noticed how incredibly hot Jake Shears is? I mean omigod. To think he used to be a stripper. I wish I could have been there. Damn. His eyes are gorgeous. And his body. And, well, just about everything.

I'm starting to lag behind on work again after catching up a couple of weeks ago. I must stop doing that. I blame Jake Shears *nods*


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God. The dude is friggin' hot

God. The dude is friggin' hot! Break me off a piece of that kit kat bar!