Kissing with something Extra

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Okay this just popped into my head because when I get nervous I chew gum.
I pop it and blow bubbles.
Okay so my question.
Kissing with gum. Do or don't?
Does it make it more interesting?
Or challenging?
Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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I say don't.

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I saw a guy and a girl kiss and the guy gave the girl his gum at the same time.

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Don't even think about it! Swallow your gum before you kiss, my dear.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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lip gloss

I prompt a new question. What about lip gloss?

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lip gloss

is fine,

no gum :P


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I agree

I agree. Lip gloss is tasty. Gum is not

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It tastes better than the rem

It tastes better than the remains of cheeto's. sounds gross, true story.'s picture

I've never kissed anyone befo

I've never kissed anyone before, but just imagining kissing someone with gum in their mouth seems like it would be. . . Weird, honestly. I agree with Michael. If you're chewing gum and you think you're going to kiss the person you're talking to, swallow the gum.

On the topic of lip gloss, as long as it isn't too much (slimy kiss :P) I don't think that would be too bad.

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kissing with gum is fine! If

kissing with gum is fine! If its in the back of your mouth off to the side it doesn't interfere at all. In fact it just makes your breath fresher.

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If you have gum in your mouth

If you have gum in your mouth, and do a quick peck on the lips, it's fine. BUt for open-mouth kissing, it's just weird.
On the topic of lip gloss, a little is fine. Burt's Bees is fun, because it makes your lips tingly.


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Burt's Bee's is awsome! An

Burt's Bee's is awsome!

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Burt's Bees

I'm allergic to Burt's Bees. It makes my lips numb. x_X
Q: Qu'est-ce que tu fumes?
A: Ce'st du fromage

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I'm sorry for you. Burt's Bee

I'm sorry for you. Burt's Bees in amazing.


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My straight friend tells me a

My straight friend tells me all about their kissing excapades, apparently bitter choclate is good to kiss with. Also they invented a kiss they call the smartie, where they each pop a smartie then switch them mid kiss. Ewe!!

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I'm with the euww ppl on this

I'm with the euww ppl on this. Not a gum swapping fan. But glossy lips are always nice as long as they're not drippping with the stuff

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i like it. buut...w/e. some p

i like it. buut...w/e. some people are eewed by it...hmm

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I say its fun. It kinda crea

I say its fun. It kinda creates a more interesting thing to do while kissing, but do it after a few times you've kissed the person. It makes it a LOT more interesting!! lol

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i think its kool, I do it.

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Depends on the person. I mean

Depends on the person. I mean, I would do gum (not the first few times, but later) and lip gloss (SPARINGLY), but then again, some people it would gross them out. Like "pop" in The Cell Block Tango.

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Cell Block Tango

Drool. love that number. And the movie too.

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its kwl also passing things f

its kwl also passing things from mouth to mouth is good kissing foreplay

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OMG! Stagg I love the Cell B

OMG! Stagg I love the Cell Block Tango. I bet that guy that chewed the gum didn't :P
With the gum thing, I think not for the first few kisses but after that maybe. It'd have to be okay with whoever you were kissing as well!



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