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Well, our house internet is down and apparently only my laptop has it's internet working... so my sister came into my room to borrow my laptop so she kan log onto her skool website. I was like "help yourself" so she got on and maximised my browser from the taskbar. And uh.. oops.. I forgot I was enjoying myself looking at pics of guys making out just then lol. So she saw them and uhhhh then she just minimised it agen and opened a new browser window. Meh.. the awkwardness lol.


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Yeah... You have to be carefu

Yeah... You have to be careful about not leaving that stuff up... I've almost had my family find some pics and stuff. But I did write this huge "coming out" letter once to my mom and I never gave it to her but I found out that my brother AND sister both found it and read it.


(They actually went into my documents like they were "searching" for it.)

You should come out to your sis... Maybe she will be loyal and not tell your parents? Or does she already know you are and that was just awkward because she saw the pics?

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dude, that kinda sucks..

I've had some close calls when my sis was home too, but she never asked about it or found out. Your sister will probably find out eventually from your friends or people she knows at school. Maybe you should just tell her? it''s your decision.

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Well, I did try and tell her

Well, I did try and tell her once that I'm "not straight". She didn't take it seriously since she thinks it's just a phase or I'm trying to get attention or w/e. Maybe this'll make her believe me O_o

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at least

At least she didn't scream or yell or bite or kick.

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oooh. That is embarassing, but it should help to convince her

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