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I was just on the phone with my mum who is overseas in Taiwan. Man we haven't talked for like a week. I

Well, what happened was on Wednesday, my dad needs to go to China for a training course so he asked my mum to go live at his place for 4 days to look after my brother (My parents are divorced FYI). As you might've read a while back, my dad's house is the messiest place ever lol. There are basically rubbish bags full of rubbish everywhere (still have like rubbish back from two years ago. I still remember seven-year-old dumplings in our old fridge! Hah, it could almost be antique). The stack of clothes are like huge mountains. The toilets literally have snails crawling on the walls.

My point is my dad's house is really messy, and when my dad was gona shut off his mobile at the airport he called mum and asked "if she is used to the house". Mum told me she didn't really know how to respond to that question lol.

Hmm, and during those 4 days my mum tidied the entire house (it' 5 storeys). Just thinking about it I would've imagined how much effort and time that took. She had handfuls of rubbish taken out to the rubbish truck at 8 every morning of each day. My mum also used the kitchen of this house to cook a meal for the FIRST time ever since it was built. She also folded all the clothes, cleaned all four toilets, tidied all the rooms (you know, there are food wrappings and everything, just a load of crap really), mopped them, and bought rubbish bins (Lol, imagine living in a house without rubbish bins except in the toilets. Dad must've been REALLY untidy, but its untidiness isn't his fault because his work starts at 8 and sometimes he has to work past 10 at night). When my dad came back today, Mum told me the first thing he said when he opened the door was like "Where is all the rubbish?".

Now that the house is tidy and clean, she said she's gona ring Dad and ask him "if he is used to the house". xD

Dad asked if he needed to pay for my mum's chores around the house. Mum just said she wanted Dad and Brother to live in a tidier environment. Shows that she really cares about her family (I guess my dad still kind of counts). Mum told me Dad said thank you to her sincerely, which is maybe the first time ever since they were divorced. In the end Dad bought mum a bottle of perfume. Dad should've known Mum never uses perfume lol. I guess the perfume would be more of a "keeping" thing that has some memories behind it.

Oh also there was an earthquake on Thursday. My mum was doing a Tai Chi lesson during the earthquake and her teacher was all like "This move can move your magnetic force and be very powerful". My mum was imitating the move when the earthquake happened and she thought it was the Tai Chi working lol. She told Dad this and Dad was jokingly saying to her that she should stop learning Tai Chi, or who else knows what's coming after an earthquake lol.

Hmm yeah, and because of the earthquake Dad's house's waterpipe leaked. When Mum woke up Friday morning the whole kitchen was flooded with water. Dad should be thankful he asked Mum to come and take care of Brother, otherwise if he sent Brother to Aunt's place... he'll come back today and find loads of rubbish and crap floating in a large pool of water lol.

I'm really glad Mum and Dad is getting along quite well. Of course I don't expect them to get back together again; I just feel glad that they're easing the tension after all those years of seriousness and tension.


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Great writing

I'm reading one of your posts for the first times, and I feel like I've been reading about your family for forever. That's a very good writing talent, and I give you major props. I especially love the comedic comment about your mom's Tai Chi lesson. I can relate to divorce. My mom has 3 kids (me included) but has had every one of us with different dads, who she has seperated with shortly after out birth or a few years after.

For me at least, I didn't notice how much the tension between my mom and my step-dads affected me until the tension eased. I felt liberated, as if I was coming out again. It's so stressful to live in a tense environment. I hope all works out between your mom and dad so that they can at least lead different lives in harmony.

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That's good

That's god. Parents staring knives at each other is never an unhappy environment. And that house is pretty damn impressivly messy - snails are a nice touch

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7 yr old dumplings in the fri

7 yr old dumplings in the fridge! man, i thought our 4 yr old cheese cake in the freezer was bad lol

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