My boyfriend broke up with me

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well i had my first break up this weekend and im really really depressed any one have any words of advice for me thanks. he dumped me becuase i didnt tip high enough i tip 15%. and he was cheating on me and i was just his rebound. help me out.


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Life goes on.

There's nothing that anybody here can tell you that'll instantly make you feel better. What does one do after something shitty happens? One deals with it and moves on. That's what makes us stronger as individuals.

Try not to overemphasize the importance of this break-up. In the scheme of things, it's not terribly important. But to you, right now, it's very important. And that's OK. Just realize that the sooner you can get over this, the sooner you can get on with your life.

Keep yourself busy: Clean. Work out. Study. Enjoy your favorite hobby. The hardest part is getting your mind off of it. Doing things you like helps you forget about your troubles. Channel the hurt into something productive. From my experiences, that's the best thing that you can do.

I hope this helps. It may not be pretty, touchy-feely, and life-affirming, but it's the most pragmatic way to deal with it. Talk to friends--get the feelings of hurt out in the open. Then start to deal with it.

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who will be here to save me when you gone...

sorry to hear...unfortunately i dont know the pain, but i know it hurts but you just have to look at it in a positive view: if your his rebound then he wasnt any good 4 u, and now that your single your open to other "REAL" bf's! aint much but hope it helps some!
luv ya's,

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aww.. im sorry about that,

I know you love him, but you should not only love him but love yourself as well. You know that you were 'only' his rebound (sorry bout the phrase), so I think you shoudl move on. I don't think he's worth you; it's ok to wallow about the situation for a time, but you shouldn't sulk for a ver long time. There are lots of guys that are waiting for you, only that you don't realize it yet, and maybe you;re not yet ready since you have just broken up with your bf. Don't let him bring you down! He's not worth it! He's not worth your tears! *HUG*

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I know that it probably doesn

I know that it probably doesn't mean too much to you right now, but trust me, you'll come to love it later on. He was cheatig on you and you were his rebound. It's a good thing that the relationship is over. I know what it's like to break up. When I broke up with my first boyfriend, I was hurt, too.But I eventually got to see how bad for me he was. He was emotionally abusive and never listened to me. After a while, I realised that and I didn't care as much. You know he wasn't treating you good, so eventually you will be glad he's gone, trust me.

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Forget Him

Um he sounds like an asshole, 15% tip is good enough and that is such a retarded reason to dump someone over and the cheatin is fucked up too. But hey take every relationship as a learning experience and grow from it and let this experience make you stronger. Hope you start fellin better and get over him cause he doesn't sound like he is worth it anyway!

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I agree that dumping somebody for not tipping what they think they should is a stupid, very irrational reason. We agree on that.

Although, as someone in the service industry, I will take exception with your statement "[a] 15% tip is good enough." If you had mediocre service, then by all means, I think your tip should reflect that, and 15% for mediocre service is entirely justified. However, should you receive great or exceptional service, then 15% is unacceptable--20% is much more reasonable.

I'm not sure what the exact situation was, but I wanted to throw that out there regardless.


Some people's kids...I tell ya!

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Well of course, if the servic

Well of course, if the service is good and the person is nice who doesn't tip more?

"Here I lay
still and breathless
just like always
still I want some more"
- Deftones

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pff forget him!! he's a loser

pff forget him!! he's a loser because if he cheated on u? he oviesly wasn;t worth ur time. Because someone who really likes u for u wouldn't cheat and wouldn't dumb u because u don't tip hight enough? i mean whats that all about??

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I'm sorry to here about your

I'm sorry to here about your breakup. But yeah, if he was cheating on you, he obviously wasn't ment for you. Don't stay down too long. Go out and meet some cute guys!


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In other words, take risks people! ^_^;;

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Know the feeling

I know the feeling. Like others have said, he definately wasn't meant for you anyway.

Get your mind off him and start focusing on other things.

Just put a positive spin on things! Hey, you're single! Enjoy ;)

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Awww... I'm so sorry. *hugs* My girlfriend is going to break up w/ me soon. I know it but she won't admit it. I feel your pain. I hope you feel better soon. *hugs tighter*
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Poor nicky!

Poor nicky! But honestly if that is why he broke up with you, that's sad. I mean over tipping? WTF??? Well i guess the whole rebound thing played a factor into it too. Nonetheless it's his loss! Don't let your breakup get you down! There is someone 10X better than him out there for you! Someone who will love with all their heart.

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