My Day Today...

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Ok so i talked to my therapist Tara and we talked about a letter i wrote and gave to her explaining my attraction to her and how i felt since she didn't say anything contradicting certain statements i said she thought it was sick. But she said that it was just silence and didn't mean that she thought it was bad. We also talked about maybe me trying to find a job not as close to my house or town so i could travel on the speedline down the street of my house and just something that would be good for me. I don't know how to take the train though well meaning as what stops to get off at. We talked about shows and i talked about how i was pissed and sad they killed off Dana on The L Word. She said if there where any big celebrites we talked about that show for a while and she said that i should let her borrow it sometime. So i am going to watch the whole season tonight and give it to her tomorrow and i hope she enjoys it. We also talked about my being more at ease with talking to older people than teens my age at my school and things but it was a nice talk and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have also been sending messages back and forth with a certain user on here getting to know her and i have to say i am enjoying learning about someone the way she tells things is very appealing. It is something i enjoy getting to know people and learning their likes and dislikes. Alos i am trying to figure out if going to Culinary School is the right move for me but for now i think it is maybe worry's are just that worrys. Well everyone have a safe and good res of your week if anyone ever wants to talk just message me. Oh also i am so happy i added more Patsy Cline and Ella Fitzgerald songs to my mp3 this morning so it is getting me through some things. Like now i am listening to Etta James ~ Sugar On The Floor such a great song. Bye