My mom is way more perceptive than I thought

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I'm not exactly sure how it happened but it would appear that I am out to my mother... at least i'm pretty sure.

So I was in the car with my mom after school, which is where we have all our talks because it's like a 20 min drive from my school, and I was telling her about the conversation I had with my econ teacher about gay marriage and how I had tried to ge out of discussing it with him but he had kind of led me into it. We had been talking about college, several of my classmates and him as well, and I said where I was going and we were discussing financial aid and i said how much i was getting and explained yes part of it was scholarship. He asked me if I was part of a diversity project for the college. (Which i think was really a comment on my sexuality, but i played it off and said that no i was getting a merit based scholarship and that it wasn't need based as i tried to redirect him)So I told him that i had sent in this piece of academic work as was required and that I had written it for Henshaw's class, Henshaw being the comp 2 teacher and if you get a good grade on a paper in his class you know it's a good paper and worthy of submission, and he asked me what the paper was on and i told him it was just a really long research paper because I didn't want to get drawn into a debate with him...sadly i ended up telling him that the topic was gay marriage and he wanted to know all of my positions and all of that crap and why I was for it. I said personal reasons and tried to redirect the conversation yet again unsuccessfully and he informed me that he was against it.

I related all of this to my mother and was telling her how I feel about the issue and she started telling me about the lesbians that live across from her boyfriend and how she used to work for lesbians and how she is pro gay marriage, which i didn't know for sure, but I think is pretty cool because she's religious and everything.

So of course I jokingly comment on the fact that she refused to get me another mommy and go on about how nice it would be to have two daddies but that it wouldn't really be the same because she's female and it would just be strange and not really the same.

And the conversation progresses and is all manners of strange and she proceeds to call me her gay daughter (repeatedly and even said that she would tell her boyfriend that her gay daughter wanted him to be her gay daddy) and tell me that if I want to hook up with a woman I should, because she won't do it for me...or something like that.

Anyway, in a roundabout way it would appear that I am out to my mother, it's kind of hard to get the conversation across, but it was one of those "I know because you told me, but you didn't really tell me, but I didn't know that, so I know" I think she must have thought that I was coming out to her when I told her that I had been telling the military people that I was gay...which would explain her lack of reaction.... It appears that the military story was how I came out to everyone on a widescale as far as my friends and even my mother.

At least she seems to be understanding, whatwith her new interest in logo and profession of love for all things gay and assurance that she doesn't say things like "fag and queer and dyke" which I told her was good she just says "Gay and lesbian".

So, yeah, it seems that my mother knows that I'm gay, and is fine with it which is pretty cool, if kind of creepy that I didn't realize sooner.


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Not entirely sure how that happened, but it does seem to have worked. Ah, well. The result is there

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That sounds so confusing but i guess that the result was good so Congratulations!

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