not a FIRST date

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Well. I tried to have a date. I failed. I had a good time, but it wasn't a date. There was no spark, there was no nothing. I might as well have been hanging out with one of my friends. I didn't flirt, she didn't flirt, we didn't even allude to the fact that we are both lesbians. We chatted, had a good time, saw an ok movie, walked around a bit and... nada. I'm not really that disappointed. It would have been nice if something had happened, but at least it wasn't really akward or anything. So, I'm not going to call it a date, because if that was a date, then I have been on dates with all of my friends. Phoey. Oh well. It was worth a try.


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aw, hey, i'm sorry. well ya k

aw, hey, i'm sorry. well ya know, not to pity you or anything but i know how that sucks. hang in there :)

eh, what're ya gonna do...

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~God made water,God made dirt

~God made water,God made dirt, God made boys so girls to flirt~
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I'm soo sorry about the "date." At least you have a lesbian friend who goes to your school or whatever. I don't have any les or bi friends to go on dates with. Maybe she was shy and didnt flirt. Give it time or make the first move. Good luck

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Congratulations. You have a f

Congratulations. You have a friend. It may not turn into a relationship, but if ou both had fun, even if neither are interested in a relationship, what's wrong with being friends?

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Nothing's wrong with having a friend. I'm happy that I didn't lose her as a friend by trying out this whole date thing. I had a good time, it was just like hanging out with all my other friends, which is fun- it's just not a date. I happened to have some high hopes that maybe perhaps something would happen, and nothing did. No big deal. Far be it for me to complain, I am a lucky person to know lesbian and bi and gay people at all, I am incredibly lucky that my parents are fine with me being lesbian. So, I'm sorry if I sounded too whiny or anything, it was just that I've never been on a date before, and I was rather excited about it, and then nothing happened. That's all.
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sorry it didn't work out...

That seems to happen to least it happened last time. I'm sorry. @ least you have a good friend who you can talk about stuff w/ . Who knows,maybe she does like you and it was just an awkward date. Well, I'm sorry that happened. Hows life been for ya lately other than that?