Okay so i am getting out of my shell...

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Well like I said in my last entry that no one commented on. LOL J/K. Anyway I talked about a girl named Lauren who is gay well at first she was very standoff-ish which I understand new school just got kicked out of my house for being gay. So now she is opening up and being friendlier with me also. Well today I talked to her for a bit today. We were cooking cause there is a kitchen at our school and a Culinary Teacher. Well she was very nice we talked about this book I keep reading a million times over. Keeping You A Secret, which I am sure most of you know. Well I didn't explain what the book was about there cause I didn't want everyone to think I am crushing on her because everyone in that kitchen except her know that I am bi. So we just talked about music and I was listening to Bow Wow. She was like my sister always gets mad at me for saying Lil' Bow Wow and she's like it's Bow Wow. Which was funny then we were talking about dancing and how her friends and sisters call her a floor whore. Which I had to laugh at cause I could imagine her doing her thing at a club.

Well oh I told my other teacher Ann that I am bi she is ok with it like I knew she would be. Well I was talking to Lauren and everything but see I don't like her like that now but I think I am on my way to getting there even though I know she is more crazy than me. I think this because I find every new thing she tells me because she is gay maybe because she is kind of the only more sane gay girl there other than me. Well we were sitting eating the soup and meatballs we had just rolled and she was asking where I lived and I don't know why but I was going on about where I was born and where I lived after that. It was stupid. My friend Alyssa then was like she doesn’t want to know your whole life story. Then Lauren was like yeah I do and she seemed genuinely interested.

So I stopped and just said I live in the city I live in now. That was nice. Then when I got the book from my bag so she could read the back the premise and all. She got mad excited when at first she didn't get that it was about two girls then I told her and she was very excited. Which made me happy. Anyway she is hung up on this girl Lily though that I talked about also in the last entry. She has had me give notes to her about it but I just wish I wasn't kind of starting to crush on her now because I know that I am not going to be her type and I am out of her league. I mean physically she is beautiful and the fact that she is very outgoing does weed and drinks is just wild but I know from today she has a very sweet and gentle side also. Its just so ahhhhhhhh crazy. I will see how things go but I am mad it is the weekend because I have no life and no one to go anywhere with so it is all just going to be boring.