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Okido. So apart from my retarded KFC poem that I posted a few days ago I haven't really said anything about what's going on recently.

So um, let's see. For english we had to analyse a poem. I chose one of the poems written on this site (but remained the author's name anonymous) and apparently I got one of the highest marks in the class (perhaps the highest one even) :) (Wooot, I got a free chocolate bar :P). I basically said the poem is an extended metaphor of the coexistence of minority and majorities, safety zones, individuality, comformity and adaption. However, in a sense my analysation was another form of another extended metaphor. Minorities are LGBT people like us, majorities are the dangerous and perhaps descirminative society. Safety zones are our "closets", individuality is our pride in a way, and comformity is letting our uniqueness die and not have it bloom, and adaption is that even if we do show our individuality and pride we still have to adapt to survive. It was a great poem.

So um, there's some new guys in my core class that I'm starting to fancy (I'm over Nixon now. Richard I still have a crush on). They're Dennis, Jing, Tim and Blake. Blake just likes fooling around a lot and he's funny. Once when we were in science class (Gawd, I hate our science teacher. She can't teach for shit) and Blake and I got bored to the extent we started playing hand-slapping games (Yes, how fun...) and we made so much noise the teacher almost gave us a detention. He also wore my glasses at science this period. He tried to have this wierd expression of a nerdy scientist lol.

Hmm, as for Tim... I just think he's cute. I dun know him that well tho. I know that he's prob straight tho. We were watching a programme in science class today and there's this girl in it and he went "She's hot". Oh well, who cares.

As for Jing... I think he's pretty hawt. I sometimes try to sneak looks at him during class. Today at the library (during English period) our English teacher came and saw my website I was designing for an assignment... and she told the whole class "Max's website almost made me cry" (She's saying how gud my layout is). Oh gawd, that's when everyone swarmed towards my laptop and told me to show them. I really hate this kind of attention. When most people saw it they all went back. Then Jing came and asked me to show it to him individually. Of course my website wasn't as amazing as our teacher has exaggerated, so Jing started commenting on something different. He told me I should get some deoderant lol (I just didn't use any like recently). He was like telling me to put it on after I take a shower in the morning and going over the amounts and where to apply it. Then when he finished looking at my web, he poked me in the stomach twice and said "Get some deo" and laughed a little and went back to his seat. Bah, I like how he poked me xD

Then there's Dennis! He's like my major ultimate crush. I'm always staring at him during maths and english since I'm sitting at the back. When he turns his head around to look at the teacher we would sometimes make eye contact with me. Dennis has just got this nice body, nice arms and I love his hair, eyes and lips and everything else. He isn't like those preppy conformists which I dun really like. In the locker room today while everyone was getting changed for PE I tried to "look" for him. Bah, but somehow he isn't doing PE today so I had no luck. :( He's in my core classes and also in my art class, and I like how he silently concentrates on his drawing. We're also in the Year 10 debating team, and we're gona take part in the same debate next week. We had a debating meeting today... I tried to get his hotmail but he doesn't have one. He did tell me I could email him on first-class (this school server email thing we use) if I want to talk to him =]. We were the last ones to leave the room, and I went and got the door for him. However, apparently he stopped and expected me to go first so I did =\. I just like being with him. Maybe he's why I look forward to school.

So that's bout it. I realised how much this became of a post about my crushes.

Hmm, at school today we played Commando Ball (An editted form of dodgeball). I always run up crazily in the beginning and sacrifically try to get the balls in the middle but then get smacked by all these projectiles flying at me xD. It's fun as. Also in art there's this guy called Cambell who sits on the right of me . He gets bullied a lot. I've heard people saying his MSN title to be "Would you be different if I was gay" so I actually suspect him to be gay (I don't fancy him in any way, just to say first). Apparently the sad truth is I can't socially interact with him a lot since everyone who hangs out with him gets bullied too (am I being selfish?). Well, what happened was today at art class Keith took his drawing and chucked it on the ground. Kevin told Keith to pick it up and give it back to Cambell. However, Keith knew what Kevin meant and gave the drawing to Kevin and Kevin was gona blow it on the ground again. I told myself not to interfere, but I couldn't help. Before the paper was going to drop onto the floor, I reached my hand and grabbed it. I freaked myself out, it was like a reflective action. I grabbed the drawing and gave it back to Cambell. Apparently Keith and everyone around the table was saying to me "What a killer". All I said was "Okay, that was my bad" and continued with my drawing. I've also 'helped' Cambell a few other times. However I try not to make it too big of a deal. I just feel bad that he's getting picked on all the time. I can tell Cambell is thankful.

Oh, and I saw Mrs Daniel today when Dennis and I were walking back from our meeting to lunch. I thought Mrs Daniel left the shcool this year since I haven't seen her in a while. I just said hi to her and asked her how she was. I didn't know what else to say but I saw her holding a piece of rubbish and I asked if she'd want me to throw it away for her. Sometimes helping people give you a great feeling at heart.

Bah, the bad thing today is that the zips on my bag broke (four of them). I took the bag to this lady at skool to get it fixed and hoping she'd have a spare bag. However she didn't, so I had to carry my like 10 kg school bag by hand for 20 minutes. It was heavy as shit. Especially when you have to hold a 3kg laptop on the other hand while also trying to keep all the stuff from falling out of your bag.

Another thing, Jerry invited me to play basketball with him at the lunchtimes I don't have debate meetings. Jerry's a cool guy, my b-ball is getting a lot better now. He's also really gud at encouraging people and sticking to what he wants. He's the first guy I saw who backargued and insulted Kevin in his face. All the times I've heard Michael, Ting and Robert say bad things about Kevin to me but never to the actual person. I really admire this trait of Jerry's. That's why I stuck up for Jerry's side. For that, Kevin called me gay. Oh yay! I'm gay! ...Like I didn't know.

That's bout it. I know all of that is a bit out of order but I just wrote what came to mind. I gota go now. Just can't resist saying this again, Dennis is hawt. xD


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which poem did you use? *D

which poem did you use?

*Die Young and Save Yourself*

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You don't fancy Nixon any more?? Woah. But I'm excited by these new ones - you'e right screw Nixon, there's more of these ones!

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"