shakespeare is cool

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ahhh, yes, the oh-so-revered romeo and juliet.
freshman reading.
would you believe how crude that book is?
i mean, my god, it starts off with a scene about two men joking about raping women.
aGH! and the amount of sexual innuendo is just...
i love shakespeare. i read it and i just cant help it--it totally cracks me up.
course, you know, that would show my age (im 6 and 3/4, yeah, totally).
i still watch sesame street in the morning.
ahhh, i love that show.
i love a lot of things--its good not to hate, i think. if you dont hate, usually people owunt hate back.
which is always pleasant.
ohhh, god i need to sleep.
my eyes droop and droop and shut.

i like this restaurant
because two forks
makes two legs
that can dance and bother
the next-door neighors
who can glare and stare and
lodge knives in our backs
and i repeat
i like this restaurant

oh, inspiration, you are a slippery little fellow.
i need sleep so crazy badly.
but ill tell you how im bi. but i still feel like a lesbian.
im dating a guy whos super cool. i mentioned him earlier. how i thought he liked me.
in previous updates, i mean.
yeah, well, thats the guy.
ahhh, yeah, happiness, but i dont think ill ever be completely happy with a guy.
oh *yawn*
no one cares that much so ill take my repose now.



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i like shakespeare too. we re

i like shakespeare too. we read romeo and juliet in middle school and i just loved it. or maybe it was how my teacher taught it and my class. lol not sure anymore

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We're studying Macbeth for ou

We're studying Macbeth for our end of year exams. Very hard to follow ( I find all shakespeare hard to follow.. ) but really interesting..

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You think?

You think that Romeo and Juliet is overly sexual? You should see the A-level texts we're doing. I just did a William Golding book about a priests trying tp build a spire, which isin fact a phallic object. A 400ft penis in other words. Constant sex. the first line is "the image of god was exploding over his face". We've now moved on to 'Tis Pity She's a Whore, an Elizabethan play about incest

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Yerrr right!

Shakespeare's cool! I like his Macbeth( though it's kinda corny, but I love the plot) and Romeo and Juliet too(yes, the ever classic play). Try reading some of his sonnets too, they're also nice. His sonnets are full of love and passion(but not the erotic passion awryt)!Oh yeah!

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goddamn romeo and juliet. Ju

goddamn romeo and juliet.
Julius Caesar was better.
But I'm still pissed I didn't get to be Brutus.
*my whole class was just giggling the whole time 'cause there is DEFINITELY something between Brutus and Cassius.....*
The movie sucked though. They skipped WHO KNOWS how many lines... *lost count*

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We just finished Lear for AP

We just finished Lear for AP English, but I think my class made it a bit more sexual than necessary...that may have been my fault as I gave a poetry presentation on "Down, Wanton, Down!" shortly after we began studying it....

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shakespeare is fantastic. tot

shakespeare is fantastic. totally fantastic.


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Totaly rocks. And all his plays have tons of dirty jokes. he was writing for the groundlings, after all.

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All I know for real
Is knowing doesn't mean so much
When placed against the feeling
The heat inside
When bodies meet
When fingers touch
-The Sisters Of Mercy, Some Kind Of Stranger