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Okay, nothing much happened really... just felt like revising on what I did.

Got up rather early for a Sunday due to end of daylight saving... found out I was the only one home =\

Well, so I didn't do much really. I ran to my Chinese tutor's place to return one of her books I borrowed because I doubt she's resuming her class. As part of my daily exercise I guess I can run to her place anyway. But ya know... I kinda got distracted and went to this asian food place as wel and ordered all this fried food lol. Really defeats the purpose of the exercising.

So I sat at that restaurant place and texted people for a wee bit while sucking on the straw of my pearl milk tea... Jasmine told me she's going to go down to Dunedin for a week soon to see his boifriend. She's been saving up for so god damn long lol. Like 400 bucks for the flight ticket and 200 bucks for the expenses there. His boifriend should be so moved by someone who worked their ass off for like three months to see him for a week lol. Another thing she told me is that she can't find a way to tell her dad she's living with her boifriend for a week without having it sound dodgy lol. She said her dad just fake cares.

Neways, that's some randomness. Today's Christine's birthday... and she told me at like 7 at night! I mean urgh.. we've been txting the whole day why didn't she tell me earlier.

Oh, and this is the hilarious thing. I'm sure you guys might remember Min. Apparently I sent Min a few pics of me... she got rather "obsessed" with them and put them as her msn dp and phone wallpaper. Then people started asking who it was (like asking if I was her boifriend -_-;;, but I mean... she already HAS a boifriend) but she started telling them I'm some Asian singer. I mean.. Urgh... she must be REALLY good at lying to make people believe that lol. Thing is, a girl called Betty said "the guy" in her phone wallpaper is hot. Betty and I actually really disliked each other back in Primary lol. Must've been a classic stoned look on her face when Min told her it was me haha. Min told me Betty is gona ask me out. I'm going to say yes, but I'll just make it a general socialising friend thing.

Hmm, talked to Barrow (that's his last name actually). He's joining the basketball team this year and he wants me to join too. We also had a great time talking about other stuff.

Hmm, the wierd thing today is Alex asked me if I needed any social studies lessons sent to me. THAT IS VERY ODD. He never volunteers to help people. Plus, why does it have to be social studies lessons? (Maybe I'm just being paranoid)

As for the recent coming out thing, everything is kind of back to as if nothing has happened. I talked to my English teacher on Friday. I got rather emotional but she is very very supportive and really knows how to comfort people. I'm glad I have such an amazing and helpful teacher.

Swimming starts on Monday! Aw man, the pool will be freezing. But hawt guys kinda balance it all. xD

Ooh.. also mufti day soon! Really looking forward to that.


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is that ur pic in the avatar?

is that ur pic in the avatar???? just being curious =]

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nah, I'm not that secsi. xD

nah, I'm not that secsi. xD

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lol **********************


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A major event is always followed by people ignoring it. It often happens with coming out. Let it rest for a while, if nothing is said after a long time though, then raise the issue again.

P.S I'm very dissapointed that you don't look like your avatar. So sexy. And I suppose this means that Dim may not actually look like Jake Gyllenhall (so hawt)

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"