tailbone breakerrrrr

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well today was fanfuckingtastic.......I- wait hold up, we (Zoey and I) were jus both
being retarded and putting off our essay writing. i mean come on...what else were we
suppose to do? freak the fuck out and crumble and die?? helll no!!! so we were out in the lounge and were mucking around along with Toots...our other roomie and yeah, as always I was runnin around acting all high on COCAINE or somethin chronic and laffing my asian ass off. then i jumped on zoey and partly humped her lol. then anyway.....we were all like hyped up, well I was mostly and i turned around to walk back to my room
and zoey fucking grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. here's me thinking that she might give me a back massage or something so i didnt try and move away and then she fuckin kneed my fuckin ASS!!!! her knee went right up my tail bone and i was like...okk i think this is the time where i should drop on the floor bcoz its fucking hurting. so I DID! and then zoey falls backwards......so here's me on the floor crying and laffing at the same time and fuck i couldnt move for like 10 mins....wahahahahhahahaa then we both got up and pissed ourselves laffin some more......*sigh* aint life great?

change of topics, i got a txt from Jono (my ex) and he says that he cant help me this week with my laptop bcoz he is sick with the cold. so i told him to buy deep heat and i'll come over to his hostel and massage him...and so now, ima visit him tomorrow and see how he is. he said he cant even move...poor thing...

the other day, the whole crew went out at about 11pm and watched a movie called HOSTEL by quentin tarantino. fuck the whole entire movie, all i could do was laugh my head off bcoz all these blood and guys were like flying all over the place. Justin (Zoey's bf) was doing the same....i recommend that movie if u feel like laffin...

much love xoxoxo -lynnie-


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BA-DA-BA-BA-BA I'm Lovin' It

BA-DA-BA-BA-BA I'm Lovin' It
Now i am cursing you with that jingle. LOL Enjoy the jingle its fun.

"Obsession rules us all, and we obey."

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Quentin didn't direct Hostel, he just presented or produced it or something. They just used him for name recognition to get people to see it.