The Core Of the Matter

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The Core of the Matter

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree
Well then,
I guess I got mushed,
And stuck on someone’s shoe.

This apple thinks that is the core of the matter.

I am stick to death,
Of how I can’t branch out into ME.

They say the best way to make an apple crumble,
Is to torture it for ten minutes.
All I want,
Is for them to leaf me alone.

That is where it all stems from.
Is the core of the matter.

A lighthearted depressing poem (lol). I would of gone on, but I kinda ran out of apple puns.


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How clever

I don't know how to create a poem with double meanings, but you did!

you have to take risks...we will only understand the miracle of life fully if we allow the unexpected to happen- paulo coelho

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again, brilliant with the lay

again, brilliant with the layers and punnage