therapist man i tell ya...

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Ok so today was Monday as you all know. In my last entry i told you how my therapist wanted me to ask her to talk today as an assignment. Well she was in the hall at my school and i went up to her and said "i have two diffrent times you can talk to me since Monday is on of my busy school days". Then she tells me she has to leave at 3:00 pm today so we weren't going to meet but she said tomorrow. So i was walking back to my class and all of a sudden i feel someones arms around me and i hear laughing. Then all of a sudden i figure out it's Tara my therapist. I mean she scared the i don't know what out of me but lets say i was jumpy and nervously laughing for like an hour later. Well when she grabbed me she said she was proud of me because i was supposed to do this as an assertiveness assignment. So it was just because i told her about my wanting to be held and other kinda things that go with that but i didn't mention that since i have those issues it ties into me being hugged without warning. So i am going to tell her all of this tomorrow when i meet with her. It was just a weird day.

Then in history the funniest thing happened we were all talking while doing our work i was ahead 2 sections so i was helping my 2 friends. There names are Rachael and Alyssa well he told everyone to stop talking and if he heard someone talking then it meant they were cheating and he was going to take their papers. Well then my friend Alyssa was trying to get my attention i thought to get a answer i don't cheat or anything. So i ignored her she was actually trying to show me her paper. Well Mastro my teachers nickname said that Alyssa had to give him her papers. So Rachael was like no she was trying to show Alexis me what she wrote on her paper. She had written "help a sista out" i started cracking up it was so funny. I got up from the table we all were sitting at and went to a single desk to concentrate on my work so i can get done.

Well i wish all of you a safe and happy week even if that doesn't turn out that way but i stil wish it to all you guys and girls.