Times' A Wastin' \"a profound love...seems so hard to reach...\"

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Well it is 6:29 a.m. and i have been up since like 5:00 p.m. Sunday. I just finished watching Walk The Line. I have to say in my opinion that was very powerful and a love like there's made me think so much if i will ever have one like that. I mean i have thought this on many seperate occasions. Everytime i feel a deep sadness thinking of this. I just feel like all the things holding me from being the real me dating searching for my true soulmate. It's easy to just hide away and ignore that i need to do something to change it so i have to pay attention to those feelings or soon i may be unable to truly recognize when they come along. Well really all i'm saying is i am scared i will never find that one the true love of my life. I know i am young and proabally shouldn't worry about this at this time but seriously if i don't take charge of my life then i may as well be in a coma or something. I am proabally exaggerating i should really get some sleep since i have to go to school in some hours. I just can't help to think i should stay up and think for some reason. I know i think way to much about things but that is me it's weird but it is kind of a comfort to think of things. Like an order to the chaos or things that suddenley just pop up. I dream alot of the day when i can wake up in the arms or in the same bed of that one that makes all the pain stop with one look in their eyes.

It's the sweetest dream to want a love like many great couples like Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash. So many country songs of life help me in my darkest hours. Like the song i am listening to now I Hope You Dance ~ Lee Ann Womack. I think it helps me make the decision to live my life to the fullest i can. It also makes me think of my Aunt who sadly lost her battles with life but i understand her love for her family and she just needed more help than we realized or could offer her. Anyway it is a sweet song and has lots of meaning in my heart. Well i know i kind of didn't make much sense in this entry but i am sleep deprived and lovesick just waiting for my Princess to come along and give my heart its long awaited mending. Well have a great beginning of your week everyone and thanks for reading if you did.

\"a profound love...seems so hard to reach...\"


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You will find someone.

Hun, you will get a girlfriend eventually, and it will be happy, and maybe it will last and maybe it won't, but it will happen. It's hard waiting--I feel sad, too, that dating is virtually impossible for me right now--but there are girls out there waiting for you.

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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I know how you feel and I agr

I know how you feel and I agree with you on taking charge of your life, if you want something just go for it. I don't think you should be searching for your soulmate though, just do what you have to do in your life and take charge of everything but love. Let love and finding your soulmate come naturally and I think you'll recognize if you have or have not found them. Thinking everything to death is something I do too and I also get comfort from it and I feel bettter knowing I'm not the only one. Well I hope I have been some use, anyway just chill out and I think you'll find things come better naturally.

"Here I lay
still and breathless
just like always
still I want some more"
- Deftones