Veritas (comments? please? i really, really need them...)

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'kay first school newspaper sucks. it just does. it is possibly some of the most mind-numbing, brain-cell depleting tripe out there. it's just bad. stuff like prom plans and spring break and CAR OF THE MONTH. yeah, that. SO, i've decided to have my own underground newspaper/'zine to give out instead. i'm pretty sure i'm gonna call it "veritas" which is latin for "truth" since it seems our school system wants to hide the "truth". i've got like ten people who want to help already and i just need a few more. but...i need some advice on printing things and layout and all that stuff. anyone have any advice?

ALSO, i have fallen in love with dimples. the girl i have a MASSIVE crush on has the cutest dimples in the world every time she smile and i have to restrain myself from doing...ahem..."naughty" things to her. also, my fourth period teacher (who happens to be my math teacher) has them and i see them every time she talks, so...yeah, bad thoughts in math class. she is the cutest thing ever! (my math teacher i mean) she's got this curly brown hair that's...yeah. these big blue eyes. just lanky and athletic...i'm getting all tingly just thinking. and she talked to me today! i actually had something of a conversation with her! usually she only talks to her former students and the softball kids, but yeah. it was cool.

so, randomness done, i shall see ya later.


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That newspaper sounds like a

That newspaper sounds like a really, really cool idea. What exactly would you put in it? Also, do you take Latin?

And for printing things, I have no clue. Since I'm really not much of a help at anything. =) But maybe you could go to Kinkos or office max or something to copy. And there are programs that help you lay out pages specifically for newspapers. There's one called Microsoft Publisher, kind of like Word. Good luck!

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I love the newspaper idea. I

I love the newspaper idea. I was lucky to go to a liberal highschool where the school newspaper was awesome (I am biased, I was editor my senior year). We used Publisher and it was very user friendly. As for printing, I'd try any copy shop. Good luck. As for article idea, you could do anything. I would however research your schools policy on distribution of materials on campus, wouldn't want to get in serious trouble.


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I ran my college newspaper, and it's a lot of work.

I guess I would question what you intend to write in it. I mean, is this something scandalous that the administration will try and shut down, or just something of substance? I guess the point is, what compels you to put a lot of hours into this that culd be better used doing... anything else?

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that's an awesome idea! I love it...

I don't know why the high school system in america is so obsessed w/ censorship. People have a right to have their opinions published, whether the school like it or not. Your school is probably just afraid of a lawsuit or some1 getting pissed off and calling the school board. I say go for it. It would be really cool. BTW the latin name is cool. Good luck. Hope your magazine stirs up some debates in your school. Later.

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Wouldn't call it veritas. That's the name of a godawful party in Britain led by the hated Robert Kilroy-Silk

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My math teacher last year is athletic, has curly brown hair, and coaches the softball team. I'm not so sure about her dimples. But, hey, go identical math teachers!

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