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How much repetition can one journal have? Let's find out!

Yesterday was interesting. I spent the day at the conference I had been helping to organzie down the street from my school "Women United Crossing Boundaries" and it was okay, the first two workshops I was in were a bit disappointing seeing as the first one turned out to be something entirely different than what those of us that signed up for it thought it would be and the second one was about abuse and pretty depressing--not that I expected it to be thrilling, but i thought it would be more educational about the project itself. My last two were pretty good, improv games, and a beading project, they also had a knitting one and it looked pretty cool, but I can already knit and the prospect of new needles and some awesome yarn wasn't enticing enough to get me to sit through basic instructions for half an hour, my friend really enjoyed it though and is in the process of making a rainbow scarf.

So my mom was late picking me up and I ended up hanging out in my friends car and driving in circles. This resulted in us parked and her attempting to get me to participate in some form of experimentation "Come on, touch my breast, you're my best friend, we've known each other forever" that was a bit odd. I'm not exactly sure what she was trying to get at but it had a lot to do with her telling me how nice and soft they are and my becoming quite disturbed by her behaviour. So daylight, busy street with people walking by from school, and person that I have known since I was six, did I mention that she is very persuasive?

I found it to be rather awkward which prompted me to say "I really don't think it would look very good if my mother drove up and found me molesting you in a car" because it's not like my mom hasn't already walked in on more than one compromising situation. I think this particular friend is why my mom has asked me if I'm gay. I really hope she doesn't think we're having some kind of secret affair, but after the incident where she walked in on friend stripping I really can't be sure...the dialog for that conversation was beautiful "No! Mom this isn't what it looks like, I'm not gay! Really mom, I'm not!" as I proceed to chase her down the hall...and then go watch Camp....

Later I went to dinner with German club, which included some fascinating interaction with my german teacher and then we went to the Humboldt State film seminar and watched The Edukators which was totally awesome and scarred at least one of the younger club members for life...sex, drugs, more sex, naked people...as though sharing a hotel room with a lesbian during the YES conference hadn't been traumatizing enough for the poor girl. She seems to have dropped YEAH club so I guess that really impacted her and she realized what a GSA actually is.... "Wow Mr. Staiano they seem just like us" he went very quiet and I said nothing in the back seat and then listened as he fumbled to try and make her sentence more coherent and less offensive for my benefit....good times.

I have a news clippings file due for ap gov on monday and i think i volunteered to tutor someone in german on mondays before school so it looks like i'm going to have to actually get that together at home.

I need to go check the mail.