what do you think of cliques?

Cliques help everyone find a place to fit in.
12% (5 votes)
Cliques suck! not everyone can find one, i dont believe in outcasts!
38% (16 votes)
we dont have cliques where im at.
17% (7 votes)
i dont really care, im happy with my clique.
26% (11 votes)
whats a clique?
7% (3 votes)
Total votes: 42


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Cliques are exclusionary; and

Cliques are exclusionary; and if you can't find fault with that then you deserve to seclude yourself from society.

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Cliques are inevitable. Witho

Cliques are inevitable. Without them some people would be very miserable, and in the same respect with them many people are living in agony because of them. There is almost no winning.

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I belong to many cliques. Na

I belong to many cliques. Name a clique, and there's a 99% chance I have a friend in it. There's not really an option for that, heheh.

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My clique doesn't really excl

My clique doesn't really exclude, though. If someone wants to hang out, we hang out. Cliques can be exclusionary. They aren't always.

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Clique A small exclusive gro

A small exclusive group of friends or associates.

A clique, by definition, is exclusionary.

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You seem really against the i

You seem really against the idea of cliques. Why?

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Cliques are yet another reaso

Cliques are yet another reason I have no friends at school. They suck ass, and if people were just a tad bit more accepting of other groups, thing'd be better.... but that would be in that fantasy land walgreens is always telling us - the land of Perfect.
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Cliques are scary things, and

Cliques are scary things, and they are appearing in more places. Kindergarten to be exact. I belong to the group of outcasts that band together.

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outcasts that band together a

outcasts that band together aren't really outcasts anymore are they? you just made your own cast to be part of.

about cliques, maybe it is because I live in such a small community, but they have never been a real problem. I had some problems in jr. high, but it seems that when people start to understand how deverse each indevidual is, that it just becomes to bothersome to try to define everyone. I guess I am just one of the lucky ones. my school is pretty open for a church run school.

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I've never considered myself

I've never considered myself to be in a specific clique cause to me that's retarded but in my town it's not really made up of cliques, mostly the people in my old school just hang out with their own race which to me is stupid. All the white kids hang out together and all the mexicans hang out together and when one hangs out with the other most people consider the person "white washed" if their ethnic and a "poser" if their white, but I guess it slowly gets better every year which is a good thing, by my last year it was alot better than freshman year.

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I hate cliques becaue I used

I hate cliques becaue I used to switch schools alot and its really hard to be new in a place where everyones in a clique and not really in the market for any new friends, or bases friends on weather they're interested in basketball or anime, or what race they are, as opposed to personality, etc.

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Where I live there kind of ar

Where I live there kind of are cliques, but people talk to and even hang out with people from multiple cliques. It's more like you have certain people who you talk most to during classes, lunch, or extracurriculars. Everyone has friends outside of their sub-group of closest friends, and out of the bigger groups, etc. I guess that grouping is inevitable.

My only issue is when people only talk to those in certain groups, or when people divide up based on ethnicity. I understand the latter, but I don't like it.