Who was or is the person your most afraid to come out to?

my mom
27% (18 votes)
my dad
26% (17 votes)
my best friend
8% (5 votes)
14% (9 votes)
my grandma
15% (10 votes)
my grandpa
0% (0 votes)
my sister
0% (0 votes)
my brother
3% (2 votes)
all of the above
3% (2 votes)
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 66


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Mom, for sure. I'll probably

Mom, for sure. I'll probably never come out to my grandfather. At least not until he pays for my grad-school, and that's years away.


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I voted everyone but on a look back it would be my grandmother she is very religious she is 72. Comes from Georgia black and all just the religious and does believe the going to hell because your gay. I don't wanna lose her but i want her to know the real me before she dies but if i loose her because of that i'd rather have her in my life.

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My Best Friends...

Without question!...


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Other. Church friends *shudd

Other. Church friends *shudders at thought*
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probably because i havent come out to anyone yet, i havent even come out to myself properly yet, if anyone gets that

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i have no intention of coming

i have no intention of coming out to any of my grandparents. i think maybe my cousins might be the hardest. but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it

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lol. I dunno. I guess my Dad,

lol. I dunno. I guess my Dad, but I was actually nervous about coming out to everyone at first... I'm not sure. I'd say my Dad.

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Pretty much everyone - my par

Pretty much everyone - my parents, my sister, my friends from jobies... So far, things haven't gone all that great when i came out. Actually, all coming out expiriences have pretty much bad even if I wasn't the one coming out. So I'm gonna shut my mouth and not risk another friend for the sake of honesty.

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It used to be my dad, but it

It used to be my dad, but it became my mum yesterday when she said she thought homosexuals shouldent be able to give blood because apparently the maority have aids, but my drug taking, multi partner aunt should be able to w/ no prob, but i'm ranting...

Everyone really I think, I'm mostly afraid of people treating me differently or being disliked without a good reason, or disapointing anyone.

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My grandma (Nana) is the only person I am close to who I haven't come out to. She would probably not be happy about it, and she would probably blame my parents for bringing me up wrong or something stupid like that. Even more likely, she might say that I was just confused and that I wasn't actually lesbian. I think things wouldn't change too much though, between me and her. I think it would just push us apart even more, which is why I haven't come out to her.
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My father by a long shot. He

My father by a long shot. He thinks homosexuality is something you "choose" (I'm not going into that debate...) and refuses to face reality about it. He'll just think it's another "bad choice" I've made in my life.

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