Wierd School Day

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Well, at school today I almost came out to everyone.

It all started when Ting and I were having a conversation, and Daniel joined in and started saying "I agree" to everything. Then I was like "Daniel's gay". Then he went "I agree" as well lol. Then not even that, he added "I like boys" after that. Then I thought this was a time to kind of drop a hint on my homosexuality and I said "Yeah I like boys too". Then Daniel probably picked something up from my voice and said "I was joking and you're actually serious". Before I could react, these girls Daniel know came close and he was shouting at them saying "This guy's gay!" and pointing to me lol. They came and asked me "Are you gay?" and despite a lot of my friends watching, my reflective instinct said "Yeah, I am". Then they started asking all these questions like "what's the latest fashion" and whether I shave my legs and whether I'm the "gay-gay guy in a gay relationship" or the "straight-gay guy in a gay relationship" lol. Does show how much stereotype there are. I got dragged by Daniel (not physically) to the steps and sat down. The girl's are still quite amused I guess. They started calling me Maxine, and they were like "wow this must be a first at this school". I feel great actually cause someone cares about my sexuality, but on the other hand Daniel and everyone else (my friends included) thinks this as a prank I'm playing. Then I saw Ting's expression and he thinks I'm calling myself gay to get to the girls. If I don't stop, everyone will start distancing away. Nixon and Robert got a bit "jealous" at me I guess. Then all these people started ignoring me kind of. I can't be out with all these people pushing guilt on me. I just look like a pimp. In their eyes, it looks like I turned "gay" overnight so I can get closer to the girls. Ting said this to me at lunchtime "Three blonde chicks are all over you because you're gay, damn I want to be gay now too". That actually hurt. Mike actually asked me a serious question though. He was like "If you're gay now and guys tried to get on you, what would you do?". I answer his question by "Depends who" and he started pointing at guys and going "What about that guy?", "or that guy?" lol. Bah, but all my friends started using the word "gay" a LOT and acted all homophobic and kind of ignoring me. All that shit made me withdrew myself from this little group (the girls I met today) that was about to form. I had like one or two people come up to me later in the day and going "hey I heard that you're gay" and I replied "Yeah I am". Ryan and Kevin and a lot of other people thought I was trying to be a pimp (everyone thought that actually), although Ryan did overhear something about them mentioning my queerness. It's all very very screwed. I just thought that I found some people that I can speak how I feel to face to face, because they can relate with the crushes on the same sex (boys). However, I just don't want to be seen as trying to "abuse" my 'new-found-homosexuality'. -And to not do that, it seems like I have to "prove" my homosexuality to them. This sucks.


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O wow that's really cool Unce

O wow that's really cool Uncertain... In a way you have came out to the public! You know what's gonna happen next - everyone at school will know that there's a openly gay guy (who they might think is pretending or what not, doesn't matter). That's really cool, you are breaking the stereotype for them. Good for you!

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I guess I'll just see how thi

I guess I'll just see how things smooth out

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good luck dude...I hope everything goes well.

It seems like everyone you're out to has taken it well, other than the stereotypes, which you can't really do a damn thing about. I hope everything works out at school for you, that's gotta be hard. What'd you answer the girl in the e-mail? Just wondering. L8r

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really hope every thing turns

really hope every thing turns out all good :)

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Your Very Brave :-}

I think it's very brave of you to come out to them like that. I know many people at my school who tell me they are gay. I don't have the courage to tell them. For fear they will do what happened to you that they are really straight but was joking.

"Obsession rules us all, and we obey."

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Gawd I'm so nervous about everything. Sometimes I just don't feel the courage to say yes if they ask me. I don't know how to explain this whole thing to my friends. This is all so stupid. All this is supposed to be a stupid joke though. I don't know... I can easily answer "No" if they start asking again and everything will revert back to normal. If I say yes, people will start changing. I hate change. Oh hell... I don't know what I should do. This girl just SERIOUSLY asked if I was gay through an email. I'm still hesitating my answer. Yes would mean my outness and change of everyone that knows me, and No means I've playing a prank and I'm back in the closet. I'm feeling all lost and down again. This answer would be the ultimate answer.

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I appluad that you came out to your friends. I never had the courage to do that when I was in High School. As to all the drama that's going on, just be yourself. You don't have to prove that you're gay to anyone. Just be you and enjoy the good and roll with the bad. If this means a shift in friends, than so be it. I know that sounds harsh, but It took me a long time to realize that the real friends I had were the ones who liked me for who I was.

Take care, and if you need anyone to talk to, message me!

Peace! ^_^;;

"If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got."
In other words, take risks people! ^_^;;

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Things will calm down. People are like that when you tell them something unexprected - they act like twats. But from the sound of the situation your in just go for it and come out fully. You've made some steps, so continue to follow them up and you will probably be fine. Go for it.

P.S. Youw will get a lot of the 'you're doing it for the girls'. Just ignore it, or feel them up to convince them your serious

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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haha, I like the "feel them u

haha, I like the "feel them up" idea

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Dude, that really sucks...

I'm sorry none of your friends is really believing you. That sucks. Hopefully you didn't out yourself to the whole school just to lose good friends. That would suck...It is funny though, that all those chicks were asking you about the stereotypes...Well, I hope all goes well for ya. Peace

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Lol. Trust me. Things'll calm

Lol. Trust me. Things'll calm down soon. Remember that you shouldn't HAVE to proove that you're gay. Just be you. The guys will eventually figure out that you're not lying, and if they still don't believe you, oh well. Look at it like a blessing; You won't have to hide as much anymore. Lol. Trust me.