With My Radio......Read The Poem and Leave a Comment Dammit!!!

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Yes, I know I stole the idea from a Hawthorne Heights song (Nikki FM, pretty good song), but when your brain is constipated (as my lovely Logan put it) you'll take any inspiration you can get. Comments Dammit!!!

With My Radio:

here i am standing
with my radio high
as the clouds turn grey
and pour the blood of the sky.
i stand here praying
with my sweet love song
that you'll see me out your window
and know that you were wrong.
i wish you'd love me again
but you've told me before
we're over now
we don't see each other anymore.
but i want to drown again
in those eyes of green
swimming and choking
in your pain unseen.
once again, i will nurse
your fragile heart
even i was the one
that tore it apart.
but all is silent
no one speaks
all unaware of its onlooker
or the havoc she wreaks.
i drop my arms
and let the radio fall
wipe the rain away
as i swear i hear you call,
"come back to me
be me love once more."
I whip around
and all i see is a closed door.
so i leave
dragging my radio
keeping my head down
pain eating at me as i go.
i drag my feet
through the mud and pain
i won't come back
and maybe you'll love again.


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That was sad and beautful at the same time. It really touched me.

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i like it

great thoughts, and great emotionel, great peom.