yeah wow so heres the updates

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ok, so wow u remember that girl i talked to u about before? well yeah i finally told her how i felt and for a while it was unsaid and we didn't tlak about it and it was like nothing evrt hspprnrd then we finally got to talking and like we started talkign about it. it was cool. it was one of the best talks i eve had w/ her because for a while i didn't liek talking to her about like me and being bisexual and stuff becasue i always thought it made her feel uncomfortable. but after that talk i feel like everythings off my chest. i feel so much more open to her. but the only thing, in that convo, i asked her if she did like me mor ethen a friend at all..and well = [ for a while i guess i read the signals wrong, but i mean, i guess really iknew a girl e like me couldn't get a girl like her. last night i went to a show w/ her. man it was so much fun!! i can even be open to her about how i fele like last night i told her she was gorgeous and it was ok like she didn't freak or anythign and i was like yay!! she gave me a hug. and i am pretty stupid for writtign this right now becaus ei am here at her so ya scard she'll read it..= /