You hurt me

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I want to be mad at you
but its something i cant do
i love you too much you see
even though it hurt what you did to me
I know we are just friends
but my love for you never ends
i know you dont like me the way i like you
but is there anything i can do
you dont love me
but i love you, you see
but because you dont love me how i love you
and theres nothing i can do
every night i cry
you make me wanna die
you think im ok but im not,... im dead inside
i want to run and hide
you broke my heart and didnt know it
and i dont know how to show it
i know you dont love me
its obvious to see! why dont you love me?
all night i cry
i wish that i would just die


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oh sweetie *hugs*

It SUCKS when you have a big crush on someone that doesn't like you the same way back. I've certainly had my fair share of them, too, and some have had them on me. You just want it to work, but it just won't. And it's hard to face, and you feel lifted up and pulled down at the same time. But know that eventually you will move on, the pain will ease, and someday it will work out with someone.

Hang in there, alright?

Are you hanging on to something useless just because you think it's beautiful?
--William Zinsser

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i know because that poem (i wrote it) is about my best friend who is straight and iv known her for years (since pre school) and she always has boyfriends and i asked her if she thought someday she might be gay and she said she never would because its weird (she knows im gay) and those things have nothing to do with the poem it was some other things that really hurt and i was sad and i couldnt stop crying even at school but then i acted like i was ok but im still not i just act like i am