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has anyone gone to any glbtq youth groups? i'm quite lucky in that i
have quite a few in my area, but have no idea how i'd get there without
my parents knowing. i don't want to lie (damn those after-school specials)
and have no way of getting there. i was just wondering if anyone
else has o has had this ickle dilemma, and also if its worth going along
to. (i imagined it as a sortof real-life oasis type place)

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before i came out to my dad i went ta a out right meating and i said i was going to my friends house(who is also bi) and we caught the city bus and i have also had family drop me off in one place then i would walk to the meating place the i walk back to where i was droped off and i would call home and get a ride back ....

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very sneaky, i might try the getting dropped off ad walking, thanks!

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if you have friends who are w

if you have friends who are willing to go with you or open-minded parents of friends who are willing to take you places, that usually works. Once last year when I went to Pridefest I went with my friend with his mom driving. My parents didn't know because I told them a different story. Another time I told my dad I was staying after school and went to a friend's house then went to the youth center. Just be smart with the whole lying thing, you can get caught up in one and end up outing yourself at not the best moment.

and don't go anywhere you're not familiar with alone. You know, the whole 'buddy system' thinger...

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