a very small but o so significant load off my shoulders

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so i'm reading this book called "Fly On The Wall", and it's about this girl who wishes she were a fly on the wall of the boys locker room, and it actually comes true (usually this kind of thing is too Sci-Fi for me but its actually pretty cool). so she's all freaked at first, then she realizes where she is and is looking at all these naked high school guys for all nine periods throughout the day. and so now i'm extremely relieved at this very small step toward figuring out my sexuality, because thinking about watching a whole bunch of naked high school guys doesnt interest me, it bores me (and disgusts me a little, too :). add this with what i said in a previous entry (i think i'm in love w/ the girl i "went out" w/ who turned around and spread rumors about me) and i'm feeling 40% better than i did last night :-) just 60% more to go and hopefully by then i'll know whether i'm straight (HIGHLY unlikely), gay (EXTREMELY likely), or bi (quite possible). the other main point of this entry is to thank the (2) people who offered me condolences last night when i felt so horrible. thnx guys.



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it's all good

the way I see it just avoid labels and go with the flow.

And most people would not like staring a naked people all day, it couldn't be that interesting.

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I don't understand...

why you think girls are going to want to get it on with a fly, though.

That seems to be the unanswered part of the post here.

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not unanswered anymore

Luckily, im not a fly, right jeff? lol.

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."

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Your Welcome....

You're quite welcome...*smiles*

I remember being in your position...i had it a lil easier though coz my sis is gay, and she helped to open my mindand sorta helped with the struggle....even though i didn't come out to her til late last year...years after i figured it out for myself. seriously though...don't be in a rush,... i know you just want to know, but if you rush it, you might just end up hurting yourself. keep smiling chic, what doesn't kill you will only serve to make you stronger.
*hugs you*


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i dont have it THAT difficult considering both my brother and father are gay, but thanks for the hugs and smiles n e way!!!!!! *hugs back*


"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."