All I Want....

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I don’t want to worry about what they’ll say or do – I don’t want to hear once again that I’m going to hell.
I have enough of that.
All I want is romance.
Hopeless romantic, you say? Only in your eyes.
I don’t want these material struggles – I just want equality.
I want, just for a moment, the world to see and love the world as I do.
All I want is love.
True pure love is all I wish to find.
All I want is someone sweet – someone to call my own, and who would do the same.
I want just to find one person who might understand me because they want to.
All I want is just to find my someone who’ll be true.
I don’t want to keep on running.
I don’t want to hide like this.
I want my love to show – I want my love by my side.
I want an end to my solitude and fear.
I want to escape stereotypes I know await me…
Create and image all my own.
I want a love that lasts the ages- love for all my life.