All Righty, here's a Fun One: What D'ya think of Dubya?

3% (2 votes)
He's okay...i don't mind him
3% (2 votes)
He's a F*cking moron..prettty much everything he does is stupid
30% (21 votes)
I couldn't give a sh*t
22% (15 votes)
he needs to be eliminated....NOW
42% (29 votes)
Total votes: 69


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He is definitely a fascist

As a terrorist, Bush ought to be charged before an international court.
As a destroyer of the Constitution and American rights, he ought to be impeached and charged for multiple counts of false arrest, murder, and aggrivated assault.
As a criminal against humanity, well... I can't say, because then I would be violating the law and subject to prosecution.

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A - "I have no sexual preference."

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bush needs to be gone,,,,

all he has done is start crap and kill to many innocent people and as an activist i have proof that the bush administration set up the twin tower chaos and the shot at the pentigon also he knew about katrina but he didnt want mass hysteria so kept quiet and went on vacation and after it hit that is when he tried to act like he cared.. bush is not a president he is a dictator and he will stop at nothing not even human lives to prove that he is all powerful he is just a new hitler with a new thirst for power and he is using new methods than hitler to do his bidding.. there is things going around that they are trying to impeach him but it is a slow and long process..

hope some of you get some insight on ol' Dubya,

well anyone wants the info or the vid personal message me cuz i dont want to start a ruckus...


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I think he is a moron and I think every move that man makes is moronic. But to elimate him would not be wise. Since to assainiate Bush would get some die hard Republicans off their cousin and they will go the streets. I see it now, the trailer parks will be in upheavel, it shall be called the Nascar Revolution. Since those Republicans watch wrestle mania, and that might teach them some stupid shit lol. But I wish Bush would be charged in the International Court of the Hague. I am not a fan of him, and as a gay man, well I just have to say he is so arrogant.

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It doesn't help that what I v

It doesn't help that what I voted helps support that I'm a radical. Remember americans: Go to, if it is still up, and vote to get him impeached.

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Clinton was impeached, too, not really sure how much it matters. More like saying something is going in your personnel file anymore. They will impeach, but they won't follow through and remove him from office (it's not just one step); the person impeached won't resign; so... who cares?

Not to mention, it almost seems like impeachment brings some sort of resolution and blame to the situation. I mean, all of the impeach/censure crowd want to blame Bush for what went wrong, when it seems more worthwhile to wait until the November elections and spread all of that anti-Bush sentiment across the whole party to gain ground. If Bush has already been impeached/censured, it will have more of a resolution to it. he can't run again, so better to use that ill-will where it has some mojo left.

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I was torn, I'm not particula

I was torn, I'm not particularly fond of Bush, though I do agree with his stance on human animal hybrids--state of the union transcripts, seriously weird.

SO I don't love him, but I do have a poster of him on my wall in the form an advertisemen for Rock Against Bush vol.2.

Granted I'm not for killing him because I think that would be going too far, but having him out of office would be nice.

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I could really care less abou

I could really care less about him unless hes against homosexuality...then he needs to go by any means neccessary...ok not any means but close enough. :P
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In the same way that Clinton

In the same way that Clinton will only be remembered for being given a blowjob by an intern, Bush will only be remembered for starting a stupid war and proceeding to fuck over the American economy with his supply-side pseudo-economic bullshit, ultimately resulting in a drastic lack of worldwide respect for America, something we managed to easily maintain during Clinton's affair.

That being said, it is a CRIME to talk about killing the president. No matter how much he sucks, he should not be killed. Murder is immoral and illegal, no matter who the victim is.

"stance on human animal hybrids"

Really? Bush has a stance on that? Is there even viable experimentation going on in this field? I mean, I thought the extent to which we are "hybrids" is that we used to use pig insulin for diabetics (now, they've come up with a way to synthesize insulin).

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I'm not talking about murder.

I'm not talking about murder. I'm talking about self defense. I'm talking about Marxist revolution. That is not immoral, but I'm not advocating it.

Am I scared of the US government when I qualify everything I say on the net? Hell yes.

Q - "What is your sexual preference?"
A - "I have no sexual preference."

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I would love to see Bush out

I would love to see Bush out of office, but I would not love to see a Marxist revolution. They have a tendency to completely fuck things up.

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could eliminated not mean vap

could eliminated not mean vapourised? like by some benevolent alien? that wouldn't really by murder, would it? *contacts mothership*

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He is like ghost

Well one an older friends of mind had planted this idea in my head. We were having a conservation about why the Catholic Church still permits somethings like Robert Mugabe to call himself a "member" of the church.

My suggestion was somebody should execummunicate him, but my friend smilingly told me "you're still too nieve" and said if we act like we are offended and start doing somethings extreme the perpretrator is winning. Because all they want to do is provoking for a reaction. G.W. is an ill-informed , ignorant, attention seeking can of worms. The only attention a can of filth deserves is actually toss it in the bin and oh make sure you clean up any spilage and smells left by it.

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Okay, as clarification: Elimi

Okay, as clarification: Eliminated as in out of office and never heard from again.

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Let's count how many problems

Let's count how many problems he's caused....
#1 I'm NOT considered as an independent student anf will not be UNTIL I turn 24. That messes up my chance of getting financial aid for college UNLESS I fill out additional paperwork!!!!
#2 We've been in Iraq WAY too long!!!!
#3 The guy's a paranoid moron who seem to believe that these so called "weapons of mass destruction" exists.
#4 He chocked on a pretzel while jumping up and down during a footbal game.
#5 The true "weapon of mass destruction" is the vice president with a gun!!!!
#6 He is basically monopolizing the oil industry now with the continuation of rising gas and oil prices!!!!

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