and for the last night i lie, can i lie next to you?

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have been listening obsessively to MCR (My Chemical Romance) over the last few weeks. I blame my sister.

Anyway, I've been a little braver with this crush than with my last one. The other crush i had kinda found out i had a crush on her and it was a little awkward for a while. But now we're kind of content on just being friends. (i still have the occasionals daydreams featuring her as my girlfriend though.) but with this girl, i'm at least talking to her and trying to be her friend, not being all weird and stalker-like. it's hard though, every time i see her, i just kind of stare at her lips (she has the most *bee-yoo-tee-ful* mouth in the world) and i have to keep myself from just kissing her right then. she's so cute and adorable and jokes around with me before first. god. i swear if she's straight, i'll just kill myself.


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I know how you feel, two crus

I know how you feel, two crushes in a row have turned out straight. I reaaally liked both of them too. But, heh, life goes on, ne?

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