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So much has gone on with me in the last few weeks that I have
no idea where to really start. I feel bad that I haven't been
on oasis much these last 3+ weeks, but it's kinda of nice to
know that I don't have to come here every day and try to get
my thoughts straightened out.

My girlfriend and I are coming up on our one month, tomorrow
actually. We've had our "issues" and have gotten through them
with only a slight snag or two. She's my everything and I'm
super glad that I've got her in my life.

On the other hand, the one downfall about being with her is
that she lives an hour away and I don't have a car, so I can't
even spend our one month with her. :( Oh well, shit happens,
right? I suppose if we can hold our own on a semi-long distance
relationship, it'll make our relationship stronger, correct?
Just let me think that, okay? :)

Even though my mom will talk to me about Jeanine, my girlfriend,
she still hasn't asked me if there's something more going on
between her and I. I mean, I know she knows that I'm seeing her,
but I find it weird that she won't ask me about it, ever! I
sort of just want her to be like, "Sooo, she more
than just a friend...?" Just a simple little bit of acceptance
from her would make my day. Other than that the relationship I
have with my mother has gotten stronger.

I've been working a lot more these days and don't spend my entire
weekend couped up inside my house anymore. Which is totally great.
This afternoon I actually splurged and spent money on a cell phone.
Crazy thought knowing that A)I spent money and B)on a cell phone
of all things. But I'm sure it's going to be money well spent. Plus,
it was about time for me to get a cell, even though I hate the

Hmmm...well, with my coming out issue...I have come out to my niece's
mom. Well, she kinda figured it out herself after she saw the
hickies on my neck from Jeanine. I simply said, "oh yea I'm gay by the
way." Her response to that was "Oh that's cool. Whatever makes you
happy. Just don't tell your brother." Yea, not like I'm going to
actually have a conversation with my brother on what's going on in
my sex/relationship life.

I hate the spring. Sammie's leaving for school soon. I think I'm
going to go crazy without that girl here. Oh well. I'll get over
it. Well, now that I've pretty much gotten everything out on the
table that I wanted to. I'm out for the night. Hope someone is bored
enough to read this so it's not like I talked to myself for the
last 10 minutes or so...


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You haven't been talking to yourself.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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i read it and i wasnt bored... (okay, maybe i was a little bored ;-) but not after i read that. thats pretty cool, hope everything goes well for ya ;-)!

"Don't let sad people make you sad, let happy people make you happy."