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It's interesting that my classmates apparently feel comfortable enough with my sexuality and are appalled enough by the concept of homophobia to tease me about my sexual orientation and political views at the same time.

What's great is that it's an expression of their own annoyance at the treatment of homosexuals by others, and their suggestion of putting us all in padded cells to prevent recruitment got progressively more ludicrous especially when they were trying to figure out how they could put one person in two cells at once for being both a communist and gay....

The whole thing actually left me in an excellent mood and feeling really good about having come out at school and the fact that I do know that most of my peers support me.

The AP students like to put "daily quotes" up in classrooms and they put up the one about the padded cells and attributed it from the whole class. Then I told them what Skoglund said about homosexuals not being equal and they all went kind of quiet and were rather horrified and then put that up as well and attributed it to him.

It almost makes me think that I'm going to miss high school if only because some of my classmates are totally awesome, and it definitely makes me glad I'm staying in state and that a lot of them will be at schools near mine.

How do all of my classmates seem to know that I'm gay? I'm not entirely sure...it's been like a domino effect, I casually told one or two and they seemed to think "well it's emilee! everyone knows! she has no secrets from us, my her sunglasses are bold today, yay!" and I guess I must just exude an amazing air of confidence and self love so they never hesitated to assume that everyone else knew and seem to think it's totally appropriate to just talk about. Which I like because it makes the transition from in the closet to out so much less awkward and cuts down on having to talk to people individually without my actually being labelled "Emilee, our lesbian of the class of 2006."

I think I'm the only openly gay student in our graduating class which is pretty interesting because there are over 350 of us, probably closer to 4, that's just the number actually graduating, which is kind of weird and a little bit depressing. I know some underclassmen that are out but only like four and only one of them doesn't scare me and isn't cutting himself or suffering from various other issues.

I like to think of my coming out as jumping out of the closet and screaming boo!

I had such an awesome day.


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Awww, that's cute^_^ Everything worked out just fine for you. Actually, better than fine. That's awesome everyone accepts you for just being the kind person you are and that's what made the transition better. Yay!

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That's really cool. I hope yo

That's really cool. I hope you have many good days ahead. :P

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