are you out to your school?

yes everyone
23% (15 votes)
no not anyone
15% (10 votes)
just the girls
0% (0 votes)
just the guys
0% (0 votes)
some boys some girls
14% (9 votes)
only my friends
15% (10 votes)
only my VERY best friends
21% (14 votes)
12% (8 votes)
Total votes: 66


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I am out to 2 therapist which

I am out to 2 therapist which where both mine just one on maternity leave. My favorite teacher and only person that's made me feel whole Lisa. Two teachers aids that I am very close with. My friend another girl I am kinda friends with. Anyone who has been to my myspace page must know. So basically I am out without being upfront about it.

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I'm not out to my entire scho

I'm not out to my entire school, it's rather large, but it's not something I even try to hide at this point and most of my teachers know, as for the two that don't it's only because of the circumstances of the class--why do i need to tell the guy who makes me run laps? Or my chem teacher who just rambles on during class?

My spanish teacher is unendingly amused by it and my government teacher just likes to quote brokeback mountain at me whenever he can.

From my experiences of being out, especially at school and probably because for the most part I haven't had a lot of trouble, it's a huge stress reducer.

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I am not out to my school.

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im not sure...i chose other because im not even positive if i am a lesbian yet (although i dont have far to go anymore :-). but both my parents and some family friends know that its possible... i would explain what happened b/w me and this one girl (my "5-foot Beauty" :-) but it would take way too long and probably bore you all to death :P.

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I'm only 'out' to two people at my school-- my sister and one of my friends-- and am 'out' to one of my friends who goes to a nearby private school. I'm not even sure if I can call it being out, because it's hard to come out when people haven't heard of your sexuality. (I consider myself non-discriminating based on sex, gender, or gender identity.)

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I'm out to one of my best fri

I'm out to one of my best friends, and my cousin who lives on the other side of the country, and dosent have a phone or email...

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