artistic influences

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isn't it strange looking back at journals and stuff and seeing
what you wrote about? in my case it's my visual diary which we
keep for my art class. it's an art book where we do our excersises
and stuff, but it's also for personal use. i was going through it,
and it's weird how what i draw changes so much. it starts off with alot
of my rocky horror work, which is about decandence and fishnets, then some
cabaret, and now lately it's alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz.

another topic...

i'm so sexually frustrated at the moment! i still have my v plates and i
haven't ever been with a guy. i've been watching movies like "Camp" and i really want to be held in the arms of a boy who'll kiss me and hug me. i'm 16 in 5 months and i'm hoping to build
up enough courage to go out meet someone. it's just i'm really turned off
by the gay guys i know already. they're cocky, annoying and i just hope and pray the rest of the scene isn't like that.


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so are you an artist? i'm studying fine art in university right now? it is very interesting how your work changes. my work for the last four years has been almost entirely about my homosexuality, it's helped me cope with living a lie. just today i painted two men kissing, it's one of the best paintings i've ever done and i've been wanting to do it for ages!

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we should have a section to p

we should have a section to post artwork up on here...

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I think...

Adrian is thinking that Oasis people would just use flickr or something and have the stuff hosted there and display it here? Not sure.

I know there is some plan for artists being able to post artwork, comics, musicians to post songs, etc., in the future.

But since we don't pay him, we're at the mercy of his free time.