Bad couple of days

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I have not been studying for a few days now. I did my homeworks yesterday and I was utterly lack of energy to get up this morning. Most people would be thinking about why the f I am talking about studying during string breaks, well it's quite common for us to be greeted with exams when we return to school. Although there is no lectures, but the entire campus: bars, library, eateries and the lots stay open during the break. I don't know what I am gonna do today. I guess It's time to admit that I have been having a bad day (rather unproductive day) and there is no way I could put my mind into it.

I tried sitting down and read somethings spiritual, I tried writing while I was reading and putting on chil-out CD's.


well i am not gonna feel bad about this, because i am gonna try and rest tonight so I can get up early tomorrow to try again. Hopefully there will be no morons wanting me to chaparone them a party, an ex-boyfriend wanting to talk or pregnant ex-girlfriend wanting (highly unlikely) maintenance payment, to distract me. But serveral messages of compliment from cute guys on Gaydar would be a tremendous help.