Bunch of random stufff!!!!!!!

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Okay, got a 40-page report I done for Biology back, made a 98. woo hoo.

Still can't talk to the boy about what he things of homosexual couples, can't talk to him to get him alone so I can ask him. Can talk to him about anything else, no problem though.

I got progress reports back, all A's again. woot.

I am going crazy about this guy. I need some major help talking too him, or something.

My other friend on the bus today lifted up his shirt(who knows why), and I got a glimse of his abs, the boy is fucking 12 or somethign and is damn cut!!!!!! omfg clear 6 pack on the boy!!!!!!! UBER HOT!!!!! I like him a lil bit too but, I ain't goin there, too young, and besides, I WANT THAT BOY IN MY HISTORY CLASS!!!!!!! When I look in his beautiful eyes, my hearts metls, I want to fly. His eyes are the magnet of my heart. I want him to hold me in his arms. I wanna be with him so bad!!!!!! WHY AM I SO FUCKING SCARED TO TALK TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

Any ideas??? Any comments welcome.