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I'm sending off my $300 enrollment deposit tomorrow, the non-refundable one, along with my financial aid package acceptance and tax verification info.
On many levels I'm totally excited, like jump up and down and be all thrilled at the progression of my life and that I'm actually going to college...but then of course I'm still kind of stressed about the number of loans I'm going to have to take out and whether or not Mills really is the right school for me.

I only applied to two of the five schools that I was really considering because in the end I didn't like that I couldn't get in contact with my admissions officer from Dickinson, Clark never sent me the paper application and my sister convinced me that I didn't want to live in New York and go to the University of that left Wesleyan, who rejected me (no surprise there) and Mills, and of course the two CSUs that I applied to Humboldt State and San Jose State.

Looking back I definitely would have done more research, especially into Womens colleges and probably looked at some schools in Oregon and Washington, and I know that I would have applied to San Francisco state and UC Santa Cruz like I had originally planned, but when it came down to it I just didn't have time to do all of the paperwork between all the reading and projects for my classes and whatever else it was I was doing.

But I've at least reconciled myself with staying in state and near family in the Bay Area...there are so many benefits including mooching off of my sisters for laundry and actual meals and not having to pay exorbitant amounts of plane fare so that I can get home for holidays because it's only a five hour drive, and of course actually being able to see some of my family more than a couple of times a year...and the cal grant I'm getting.

I'm also going to have a bunch of people that I'm graduating with only an hour or two away so that's pretty cool.
Oh, and I'll be done with high school because I'm so tired of wasting my time in boring mandatory classes and dealing with the dysfunctional counseling King Iron Crotch........

Ah, the future is looking very bright indeed.


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soon to be college freshman

Hey isn't it great that it's finally our year to graduate. My gf is younger than me so I didn't want to leave, i'll be attending my state's university. Well good luck to you!