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This isn't finished yet but here goes:

Hurt a few too many times
Couldn't bear to be hurt again
Shut her heart, shut out the world
Shut out hope

Trying to move on in vain
Left empty and alone
Fading as the moon waned
A gaping hole in her heart

Such a flood of emotions could not be suppressed
It just wasn't enough to try her best
Heart was a life ring,
At that last blow it popped

Locked in a lake of eternal pain
Couldn't face the fact
Things would never be the same
Floating in a daze

Tried to stay on top of things
Tried to get back in control
A sea of confusion enveloped her
Shattered heart taking its toll

In the distance, a sparrow sung
Sunset glinted off the water's surface
The only sign of the struggle concealed beneath
Was a small head bobbing amongst the waves

She called for help
No one could hear her
Caught by the current
She was sucked under

The sea swallowed her soul like
A hungry serpent, searching
Squeezing out what little hope was left

Lack of air in liquid filled lungs
Legs lashed out frantically
Less likely to live with each passing moment
Took a)Last look at the sun before letting go

Slowly sinking beneath the surface
Suffocating in the resonating silence
The symphony of sorrow
Silently saying, "So long..."

Corpse was carried on __adj__ waves
Didn't care anymore
Bidding goodbye to happier days
Lolling listlessly towards the shore

Later a lifeless lump was found
Sprawled against the endless sands
Lakeside lookers on lament a life lost
Lost without a name

Closed eyes, colorless cheeks
You can still see the suffering on her face
Casket creaks shut
Gone without a trace

PLEASE comment! This is the first poem I've ever posted, and I would REALLY appreciae it if anyone told me what they think or had any ideas on how to improve it... Thanks! Sorry its a little depressing... And REALLY long, hope you didn't fall asleep before reaching the end! Maybe I'll rename it '13 stanzas that are completly the same..." For those of you who get that. :P


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but they aren't the same. eac

but they aren't the same. each has the same idea but all of them are important to the piece. and i like the title.

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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Thanks for commenting on my poems.
No one else did so I thought I'd 'reply to this comment'.
So, yeah, "Thanks!"